Monday, January 12, 2009

Activist Judges and the Will of the People

Okay, just to make something clear, democracy does not mean that the majority has the right to trample the rights of the minority.

Case in point is this particular meme among the Pro Prop 8 crowd:

Your May 2008 edict that overruled the will of the people and legalized same-sex marriage has been rightfully abolished by those same people you crossed. In its victory, as earned by the humble majority of California citizens, Proposition 8 has reestablished the sanctity of marriage.

The fact is, 50 years ago, the will of the people, including the humble majority of California citizens was to deny black people civil rights. Was that right? Was that good? Should MLK have just taken a seat in the back of the bus and drunk from the black water fountain forever just because the majority of USians were racist bigots, or at least unwilling to stand up to racist bigots?

Yeah, that's right, replace "gay" with "black" and see just how disgusting this whole thing really is.

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