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Gay Rights Activists (might possibly in another dimension somewhat like our own) Are Terrorists!

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No, seriously. Well, that's what pearlybum says in her latest piece in the war on logical reasoning.

::::::we interrupt this post to make a point about irony:::::::

(it will help you to read the comments on this post, though I warn you, the stupid, it burns)

The fact that one high-ranking Nazi probably was gay does not make gay rights activists' references to Nazi ideology or tactics by the religious right irony. Unless you consider the fact that Hitler had Jewish heritage and he killed all those Jews to be ironic. In which case, I just can't help you.

::::::::we return to our regularly scheduled posting::::::::

from Mercury News

U.S. District Judge Morrison England Jr. ruled against the - Yes on 8 committee, which sought to protect the identities of about 1,600 donors who have contributed between $100 and $999 since Oct. 18.

A report including the names of those donors is scheduled to be released Monday on the Secretary of State's Web site. (yes that's a government site. it is standard that donors to PACs do not enjoy confidentiality- for very good reason. if they were guaranteed confidentiality, then you would never know if a political candidate were being supported by neoNazis or domestic terrorist organizations or organized crime.)

Now, do I feel that people who voted yes on 8 should be assaulted or have their home vandalized? Of course not, that's just not polite. However, as the pro8 crowd is so very fond of pointing out, actions have consequences. If you voted yes on 8, than you should have known that people would be angry about that. If you donated money to a PAC, you should have known that your information would not be confidential. (If the PAC did not make that clear, then shame on them.)

The shit is hitting the fan, and now those brave crusaders for life, liberty and the heteronormative pursuit of happiness have nothing left to hide behind. Nice screen names, guys, but if you were good little social warriors, I bet your names and addresses are on that list. Good luck with that.

So, pearlybum is all upset cause Obama is closing down Gitmo (he's letting terrorists go free! in fact, as a parting gift, he's giving them all cruise missiles and the coordinates to Disneyland!), but a District Court Judge in California is allowing a law to be enforced. A preexisting law, mind you. That applies to everyone.

I am not surprised. In more ways than one our government has ceased to fulfill its proper role of protecting life and promoting safety and security. Indeed, while our new president calls for the cessation of the use of intimidation tactics in the interrogation of terrorists it's called torture, pearlybum. watch this video, pearlybum, and then tell me that waterboarding is "intimidation" and not torture. or doesn't it matter if the victim is brown?

no, wait, i'm still pissed off about the use of the phrase "intimidation tactics" to describe torture. TORTURE. Let's review:

yelling at someone- intimidation

whipping someone with a barbed metal lash- torture

standing very close to someone specifically to make them uncomfortable- intimidation

repeatedly dunking someone's head underwater so they can just barely get enough air- torture

staring at someone specifically to make them uncomfortable- intimidation

strapping a person to an inclined board, with his feet raised and his head lowered. The interrogators bind the person's arms and legs so he can't move at all, and they cover his face. In some descriptions, the person is gagged, and some sort of cloth covers his nose and mouth; in others, his face is wrapped in cellophane. The interrogator then repeatedly pours water onto the person's face. Depending on the exact setup, the water may or may not actually get into the person's mouth and nose; but the physical experience of being underneath a wave of water seems to be secondary to the psychological experience. The person's mind believes he is drowning, and his gag reflex kicks in as if he were choking on all that water falling on his face. torture

, our own citizens are being left high and dry by their own government and living subject to regular intimidation techniques waterboarding or being called on your own bullshit? and violations of privacy privacy that you had no reason to expect that are threatening their physical safety, liberties, families, and democratic rights. the right to a free press, the right to refuse to quarter soldiers in your homes, or the right to a speedy trial?

How does it feel, California? how does it feel to be as bigoted as the midwest? you used to be such a bastion of freethinking. oh, how the mighty have fallen. How does it feel to be second tier to terrorists, murderers, haters of the United States of America? okay, pearlybum, I explained the difference between intimidation and torture. now, try to defend your ridiculous viewpoint. How does it feel? (anyone know what song i'm hearing here?)

Obama, Arnold, anybody, wake up! BWAHAHAHAHAHA Turn around. Were they asleep, or just not looking? pick one. Take a look at the people you have vowed to preserve actually, obama didn't vow to preserve people, he vowed to defend the Constitution

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States (source: the Constitution of the United States of America)

and put a stop to the intimidation within the United States weren't you against no name calling week? oh, that's right, intimidation against you, not gays or blacks or jews. just as you have done with the intimidation without the United States. huh? Please. End the hypocrisy. first we have a problem with irony, now we're abusing hypocrisy. stop that.


  1. i just went and posted on her thread about the "homosexualization" of history. i'm pretty sure it was a complete waste of my time, and i'm wondering if she is going to delete the comment. i am going to repost it here, just in case she DOES delete it. i would really really like a fundy to actually answer this.

    i just feel the need to pipe up and ask an actual christian this question:
    do you actually read your own holy book? if one looks, one will find COUNTLESS marriages that were NOT of the "one man, one woman" format. i hear, over and over again, that gay people should be allowed equal marriage rights because somehow marriage has "always" been this one man/one woman thing. that gays cannot have equal marriage rights because it is against the Bible. and yet; YOU do not follow the Bible perfectly - nowhere close. i am QUITE positive that you are currently wearing clothing made out of blended fabrics. which is a crime of the EXACT SAME severity as homosexual relations.
    if one follows any single part, one must also follow the whole. picking and choosing which rules to follow means that one is deliberately breaking some rules. and, by your own rules written in your own holy book, you are just as bad as homosexuals, and should have YOUR rights removed in the exact same way that they have had their rights removed. every time you eat a shrimp, wear spandex, or turn on a light on Sunday, you should be punished in the exact same way that you believe homosexuals should be punished.

    it is not so much that your beliefs offend me, it is that your hypocrisy offends me. if i thought you were willing to follow all 600+ laws laid down in Leviticus, it wouldn't bother me anywhere near as much. but you don't. you pick the laws you want to follow, and the try to force EVERYONE else to follow them. textbook hypocrisy.

  2. yeah! Comment as much as you can, they freakin deserve it. The bible is filled with infanticide, genocide, incest, polygamy- and rules no one could follow. There is an excellent book by a guy who spent a year following every rule in lev- man Hasidic Judaism is hard work!

  3. what is the title of that book? i read it, or something similar, a while ago and i was wanting to re-read it. and google only ever gives porn (well, right now it keeps giving me the "Good" teast, but thats because i keep forgetting i have to put in the last "g" now)

    i just looked, and my comment isn't there. i don't know if she moderates - i didn't pay attention when i posted... so i guess it might show after a while. maybe...

    btw, its been like a WEEK since there were cookies! you aren't being a cookie tease but a cookie horder! I WANT MY COOKIE!!!


  4. she *did* most my first comment, and then spent all of time telling me that while the rest of Leviticus was no longer applicable, homophobia somehow still is
    and that me being mad at prop8 is just me being a whiney baby. that it was people looking to secure "our future and our children" or some such bullshit. and that its really the gay peoples fault for choosing to be gay.

    it will be interesting to see if she posts my reply to her reply, but i don't think i can do anymore. it really upsets me. i am just not as cool as you are.

  5. Its the condecension, the patronization. Drives most people crazy, but im innoculated. Pearlypenis is my father. I grew up with that. I recommend going to her post on intimidation and pointing out that intimdation and torture are two entirely different things- feel free tocut and paste this post. (iphones cant do that, so im kinda stuck)

  6. you know, i will do that when i get home from school tomorrow. tonite, i hurt to much and i am tired and if i go to her blog i am going to throw a giant fit. better to wait until tomorrow, and after i have classes that force me to be calm and logical.

    but i won't cut and paste, or at least not ONLY cut and paste. i has a brain, i could use it :p

  7. Don't get me wrong- I respect your brain. (In the morning, even! ;)

    Ever see Good Will Hunting? She reminds me of that scene where Matt Damon makes fun of Robins' painting and Robins gets upset and then the next week he says something like, "Then I remembered you're just a kid, what do you know?"

    It's valuable to remember that while you're fighting through excruciating pain to go to school- she's never been. Stay at home mom instead of college is as valid a choice as any other, but you can't then turn around and pretend to be this highly educated, better than everyone expert at everything. You know?

  8. *giggle!* and you shouldn't, at least not IN the morning when i can't think...


    why did i assume she went to college and had one of those degrees that never translates into a career, like "Literature of the 18th Century" or something.

    that explains a bit. she is only pretending.

  9. argh!!! Bush strategy - declare victory and leave! that is what she did.

    i hate people sometimes. like today.

  10. so yes, i am filling up these comments on this thread.

    i do not know why i am continuing to engage her, her blog, her friends. but here is my latest (and probably last) post. she didn't post my second post, posted my third, but "tsked" me when i stated she probably wouldn't post it. i dunno.

    bet ya they continue to miss the point and only attack what they want to attack.

    anyway, just for the record...

    ok. first, pearl... you are right. but there has ALREADY been a comment of mine that you did not poat. so it wasn't that big of an assumption

    second, YOU may not call homosecuals pedophiles, personally. but go and look at the Pro-Prop8 commercials. THEY, those commercials, very blatantly infered (although, it was SO blatant that saying "infered" is almost a lie) that homoaexuals are pedophiles. dozens of ministers who are against SSM have said that homosexuality is the same as pedophilia. and beastiality. since i am arguing against your position, which is the same as the position of these ministers, saying that gay people want to not be called pedophiles, which your side of the debate DOES do, is not attacking any sort of strawman. and when your side of the debate OPENLY says that homosexuality is THE same as pedophilia and beastialty, you ARE attacking and vilifying homosexuals. i don't have to make anything up - these statements were ON THE WEBSITES of CHURCHES.

    and, Chairm, you know what? i would PREFER that marriage NOT be a civil right for anyone. that it SOLELY be religious. that the government never said anything about it, nay or aye. i would prefer that there NOT be a legalized category for marriage. i think that if people decide to have children that a specific contract deliniating the responsibilities and rights of each parent be drawn up (for each child no less!) and that, other than enforcing a specific contract for the welfare of a specific child, the government not be involved at ALL. and i think that this position is constitiutionally defendable under the first amendment, but i also realize that this society is not ready to do that. so, until society IS ready, i think that any consenting adults should be able to enter into any, ANY, marriage contract with ANY other consenting adult. or adults. so straight marriage or homosexual marriage or line marriage or polyamorous marriage or polygamous marriage - ALL of these things have some religions that support them, and so long as you are saying that your religion gives YOU the right to have marriage as YOU define it that everyone else should have THEIR marriage rights too.

    i support the right of anyone who is able to consent to marry anyone ELSE who is able to consent. period. because, and this is A Big Thing - my future marriage? it was illegal until the 60's. because my guy is a black man. and when you jump on that and tell me that being gay is not the same as being black, i will laugh because you DON'T KNOW THAT. just as you DON'T KNOW if SSM marriage better or worse than straight marriage. there are no studies that prove, one way or the other.

    but, in a country with a divorce rate hovering at 50%, where too many children grow up with NO parents or horrible abusive parents (like i did) i think it is criminal to make a huge issue about something that, ultimately, is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. hell, it's none of *MY* business, and the only reason i talk about it is because so many people have decided that they have the right to control the lives of other adult citizens. that is what you are doing - you are restricting the rights of adults who are citizens of this country who contribute to the country and the society, who pay taxes, who are part of the GDP. and you are restricting them because of your bigotry. i have YET to hear a reason to restrict SSM that is NOT bigotry. bigotry, hatred of something that is different from you, or at least discrimination against something that is different from you.

    tell me one good actual honest reason why the relationship between two people, neither of whom is you or is known to you, makes any difference in your life. SHOW ME HOW SSM MARRIAGE MAKES YOUR LIFE SUBSTANTIALLY WORSE. and by "substantially" i mean something that is substainable, provable. real. because i have NEVER seen a reason to deny marriage rights that was substainable.

  11. Denelian, see if PersonalFailure will give you my email address; I have something to help you with this.

  12. Personal failure lives to serve ;)

    no prob- when i get into work monday.

  13. Waltz;

    i got, its BEAUTIFUL, and as soon as i am done with this essay for a midterm i am going back to the fray!


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