Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What Concerns Me

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In this case, grammar.

Seriously, people, pick one: a period, a question mark or an exclamation point. Stylistically, I will accept the occasional "?!", but that's purple prose and should be used only in extreme cases.

Zach goes for the gusto with WHAT CONCERNS YOU?!!?!?!?!?!!!!?! Hey buddy, you already went with the all caps, the excess punctuation is unnecessary.

Full disclosure: this post contains no paragraph breaks. I put them in myself. Everything else is exactly as I found it.

Yes, at some point this does arrive at why atheists suck for not worshipping the sky-daddy.

Does it concern you what they wear? whom? Does it concern you what they say? whom? Does it concern you where they go? okay, now this is just pissing me off. Does it concern you what they hear? Does it concern you where you are?Does it concern you what you are doing?Where is your concern? FOR WHOM?Do you lay in bed at night thinking of them, whoever they may be? you don't even know who? the stupid, it burns like bengay on an open sore (thank you, [censored]) Are you awoken awakened by the morning sun with thoughts of "it" upon your mind? Stephen King's "IT" certainly kept me up at night, let me tell you. of course, I read it when I was 10. Can you barely sit through your lunch without your mind wandering off into some pointles pointless thought about whatever is the new thing, most advanced, most entertaining, most productive, most et cetera? what? does he assume that I am worrying what iPhone's have to say and wear? is this guy insane?

Do you find yourself so caught up with life that you are losing it? what? iPhones? Because you are I am what? an iPhone, losing the iPhone, what?...10/10 people die, scary statistic, but it seems to go over looked one word, and no, I don't think anyone over the age of 20 is unaware of the fact that we're all going to die at some point. we're not obssessing over it, but we're aware.Why? Because you think you know or because you dont apostrophe care? think i know what? and no, obssessing over my eventual end is not healthy. I have heard it so many times, "it is what I believe that matters to me, it is, I am a good person nothing like starting a conversation with "you're a lying, murdering, blaspheming adulterer"!, I dont believe in heaven or hell that's me, I dont know what to believe agnostics, science is against it against what? science doesn't give a shit about god. creationism, maybe?, blah blah blah" do you perhaps think that your amazing inability to complete a thought is going to convert me?

EXCUSES! EXCUSES! EXCUSES!WHAT IS IT YOU ARE AFRAID OF!? your lack of writing skills? Try this: Excuses, excuses, excuses. What is it you're afraid of?

I know, IT IS THAT YOU ARENT AFRAID OF ANYTHING! oh, I may not be ascared of the sky-daddy, but i am afraid of heights, spiders and swimming. got a belief system for that?You lack that conviction what?, oh no, on the contrary, YOU IGNORE IT ignore what? stop it!. That thing you do late at night how do you know about that? seriously, i'm not up all not worrying about god. late at night, i'm either sleeping, or getting up to pee., that you think noone knows about? is he talking about masturbation? Those thoughts you have about him, her, or yourself? oh, wait, maybe it is mastur- no, nobody masturbates to thoughts of themselves . . . do they? That website you visit on a regular basis because it makes you "feel good" friendly atheist?and "everyone does it" i'm not sure if we're discussing drugs, atheism, masturbation or something else entirely. because its "no big deal." hijacking shipments of pastrami?

Oh no, you dont lack anything! except pastrami Its written accross your heart p-a-s-t-r-a-m-i, stop ignoring it who can ignore pastrami, stop dulling it hmmm?, you know its wrong. what's wrong with pastrami?

okay, moving past my pastrami obsession, what asshat is saying is that atheists secretly long for the sky-daddy. we may deny it, but we're all just sitting up at night wishing we could just believe. nope, sorry, we're not. we're also not rebelling against god or following a trend. get over it.

If you begin to recognize it, you will begin to recognize more and more until you see what you do with your life. yes, i'm sure one day i'll just wake up and be overcome with the evil of it all. hehehehehehe If evil in the sight of God was so distasteful to man of course it would be easy to avoid! are any of these thoughts in any way related? But PEOPLE LOVE THEIR DARKNESS! WHERE THEY CAN HIDE FROM THE EYES OF MEN god? what? what is up with the random all caps? and think they are hiding from the eyes of Almighty God. i don't think i am hiding from god any more than i think i am hiding from tiny pink unicorns. (yeah, i will feel pretty silly when somebody finds the secret lair of the tiny pink unicorns.) But there will come a day, 10/10 of people, is there some reason he couldn't just write out "ten out of ten people" or maybe "all people" or "100% of people"? when you will take your last breathe breath. the verb has the "e" at the end, the noun does not., when you will sing your last song does he imagine atheists like to go out singing or something? hear that, sweetie? it's a dying atheist!, when you will hear your last sound, oh yes, there will come a day. oh, yes!

On this day, the day of your death on this day, the day of my daughter's wedding . . . , will you lie? i dunno, is somebody planning on asking me about those pants that make their butt look fat? Will you just lie in rot? um, what? does he mean do I believe in an afterlife or do I believe our corpses just rot? i don't think there is an afterlife, but i don't know. how much rotting do corpses do after they go to the mortuary? Why should you? rot? ummm . . . i dunno, bacteria? Where is there justice in that? there isn't. why should there be? Is there justice in the man who rapes and murders his whole life and gets away with it to die at a ripe old age of 80 to just lie and rot? no, but again, justice is a function of the legal system, not bacteria. nor does length of life have anything to do with how good a person you were. some good people die young, some bad people die at 100, so what? life is like that.

That would be the same sentence you are getting, and yet you were suuuuuuuch sarcastic abuse of the letter "u". a "good person." Dont you feel cheated? no, i just don't expect death, or life, to dispense justice. everybody dies. life, and death, are not indicators of anything about the person living or dying. unless this is some sort of awkward stab at calvinism? Betrayed? By your own outlook on life? how could my outlook on life betray me? I know I would, I am a rational being. no, you're not. your complete inability to form one rational thought naturally precludes you from the title of "rational being." I understand cause and effect god did it!, entropy, i highly doubt that and right and wrong god said it!. I see lines where? what kind of lines? what are you talking about? and I see black, white, and gray. that's sad, because I see colours. they're really beautiful.

There is absolutes and there is moral absolutes. no, there ARE absolutes and there ARE moral absolutes. and, i agree with you, i just don't think they come from god. Take this to heart because I am speaking directly to you! to me! wow! Know this friend yeah, McCain just totally killed "friend" for me., you may die at the end of this sentence AAAAHHH!, paragraph AAAAAHHHHH!!!! it's like the ring, you read this post and then, 7 days later, you get an email and you die! unless I show it to someone else . . . , whatever, and then what? i'm dead, and being dead, i won't care. You have no promise of tomorrow! neither does anyone else. death, the great equalizer. So what then? nothing, we went over this. Forsake tomorrow and live for today? no, i have a 401k. (although I find it indescribably odd that rapture freaks save for the future. if you're so convinced you're going to be raptured away any second, why save at all?) So you can just rot like the murderous rapists? but unlike nonmurderous rapists?

Sounds aweful! awful and well, being dead, i won't know the difference. that's why i'm not too worried about it. If that where the worse of it. that's not a sentence. at all. But if you rationally observe, creation is all around, I cant make a tree, can you?

and here we go with "creation proves the creator". this is one of those arguments that seems logical, but isn't. there is a third option: no, i can't "create" a tree, but that doesn't mean god did.

So obviously something of higher intelligence did no, it's not obvious at all., and maybe He dictates reality and morality so, you went from higher intelligences are necessary for trees to dictating reality and morality with no points in between. you are definitely not a rational being..

AND JUST MAYBE! HE HAS A MORAL LAW!? PERHAPS!? AND JUST MAYBE YOU HAVE VIOLATED IT!!??!??!!??!?! PERHAPS!?!?!?!?!?!? please stop abusing the english language. it's completely innocent. you need to stop.

Have you told a lie? who hasn't told someone that haircut looks great? Have you stolen anything? no, what, do all christians steal or something? they're always on about this. no, i have never stolen anything.

Have you late at night gazed with desire at pornagraphic images defiling yourself?
i do love a good confessional. what we accuse others of is most often what we ourselves do or wish to do.

Dishonoring your parents? Dishonoring God? can't dishonor what doesn't exist. Maybe when you die, you wont look so good when side by side to this Law..nobody ever said death makes you pretty maybe just maybe you arent as good as you have been repeating to yourself over and over as your read this. hone your psychic powers a little more, zach. i'm thinking that you're a huge tool.

I know the mantras, "I am a good person, I am nice to people, I dont try to harm anyone, I give to charity, Heck! I havent murdered anyone atleast!" is there anyone ever who has said, "well, yeah, i like to torture nurses in my basement, but i haven't killed any of them, that makes me a good person, right?"

Ohhh how you have! what, been nice to people and given to charity? How you have murdered and destroyed! no, i have not. We humans are 100 feet wide and 1 foot deep! i'm like 1.5 feet, maybe 2 feet wide at the shoulders. i probably am 1 foot deep. We are such horrible controls of what? i think he means have such terrible controls, but, no, i haven't killed anyone. it seems like i'd remember that, we think we can define morality! one way or the other, we do. we can call it "god" or whatever, but it's still us in the end. How foolish of an attempt, we cant even define existance!!!!!!!!!!!! what? and, felony overuse of an exclamation point- or ten. So thankful am I however that that intelligent being who created the tree did just that. created a tree? i like trees, too! He defined morality. or bronze age desert nomads created the exact same rules for their society that all other societies do. is there any society anywhere in the history of the planet that allows lying and stealing and murdering? He set the standard.He created it all for His Glory megalomaniac much?, for His Praise, for His Honor, for us to Love Him, for us to Enjoy Him, for us to Obey HIM!

And oh how we fall soooooooooooo oand now he's used up his entire year's supply of "o"s. the rest represent next year's. ooooooooooooo short. We dont even come with in one word, and what does this guy have against apostrophes? visual distance of the mark. what?If this makes any sense to you no, it doesn't, please message me! Message me with a note, a note that you have a new relationship with sin! BWAHAHAHAHAHA That the pornography what is zach's obsession with porn?, the hate, the deceit, the lies, whatever it may be that you once loved you now HATE! who loves hatred, deceit, lies . . . . oh, wait, i got it. God bless to to? you faithful brothers and sisters. but not me! In this life we have but One God, One Savior, One Messiah, One Redeemer, One King, One LORD.JESUS CHRIST IS RISEN! oh, i thought that was shiva!


  1. You know usually I try to at least skim whatever you are commenting on in it's original format, but this one was just impossible. Bless you for sitting through that bizarre rant!

  2. I had to cut and paste it into my own editor and add paragraphs just to get started!

    still didn't make much sense.

  3. i took that "am i a good person test.

    pissed me the hell off.

    so does this.

    stupid people... stupid nonsensical rules that can be broken if you do it correctly...

  4. what i love about the good person test

    (which seriously pissed me off, because before, I could put "goo" into my browser and google was the first thing that came up, and now goodpersontest is the first thing that comes up, which forces me to type "goog")

    is that whole "anger at someone is murder" thing. jesus said being angry at someone without cause is murder. the test didn't bother to ask me if i had cause. i don't run around being angry at people for no reason.

  5. i had successfully blocked that bit of the test out of my mind. i just remembered how pissed i was, and forgot the reason. sigh

    even worse is that THEY SAID that being angry with someone for no cause was murder AND THEN, as you say, ignored it. it was extra special stupid. my boyfriend is a Christian, as is my one of my best friends. i told them both about the test, and they were both also really angry about that little bit of obfuscation. really. the whole thing was painful - not because i am "evil" but because of the stupid. except for the whole "Jesus is my Lord..." bit, i follow the rules of Christiany better than most Christians, i do not judge (well, i TRY to not judge), i try to love everyone, i do my best to be nice and helpful to everyone, etc. i think its SCAREY when a freaking PAGAN is more Christ-like than all of ministers and priests put together. just sayin'.

    (note: i DO know really really GOOD Christians. but most of the people who claim to be Christian also hate gays and non-christians, a DECIDEDLY non-christian act. sorry. i know i am preaching to the choir here :)

  6. i would hope that honest christians do get upset about that kind of thing- it makes them look bad.

    i myself also try to live by the imperatives of not judging (i said i try, mind you), doing under others, etc. it is seriously scary that pagans and atheists are more concerned with that than the average fundy. call them on it and you get "well, just because you think god is all puppies and kittens" to which i feel shouting "hey, YOUR big guy said it! why aren't you listening?"


  7. very yeesh.

    it's very hard to not hate them.


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