Monday, January 19, 2009

Ray Comfort Misunderstands Quantum Physics

So do I, but at least I acknowledge the fact that I am almost entirely ignorant of quantum physics.

Ray is back to his "atheists believe everything comes from nothing" shtick, which I was bored with one minute after the first time I saw it, but this time he has . . . dumdum dAH . . . quotes!

An atheist is someone who believes that nothing made everything. He will of course deny that because it's an intellectual embarrassment, but if I say that I don’t believe that a builder built my house, then I am left with the insanity of believing that nothing built it. It just happened.

A house is an entirely different thing from the universe, Ray. If the stars in the sky came stamped with brand names, I'd feel a little differently about things. (All hail the mighty Kraft!)

Here's the thing, Ray, what scares you to the core excites me. Religion provides an answer to everything: God did it. That's it, we're done now. To me, that's a reason to eat a bullet. I love the unknown. I love the fact that there are new things to learn, new things to discover. I wake up every morning with the hope that today I will learn something new, meet someone different, see something different. Yeah!

See, that's the difference between religion and science. In religion, it's not okay to say, "I don't know." In science, that's the name of the game. "I don't know, but let's find out." So, when scientists say, "I don't know what came before the big bang, maybe nothing, maybe something," they're just being scientists. They don't have the intellectually lazy position of "God did it" to fall back on, so they have to think up theories and experiments and measure data. Unfortunately, it's a whole lot easier to prove that abstinence only doesn't work than it is to prove what came before the big bang.

Scientists at Cornel University believe and teach the simple, that nothing created everything. They say, " . . . space and time both started at the Big Bang and therefore there was nothing before it." ( Ray, I couldn't find this quote on this site. I did click on the link for the "Big Bang" and didn't find it there, either. Lie much?

"To the average person it might seem obvious that nothing can happen in nothing. But to a quantum physicist, nothing is, in fact, something." Discover Magazine “Physics & Math / Cosmology” (his ugly linkage, not mine.) actually, on the subatomic level, nothing is something. on the subatomic level, particles literally do pop out of nowhere. it's bizarre, it completely bypasses the law of conservation of mass, but it happens all the time. said, "Some physicists believe our universe was created by colliding with another, but Kaku [a theoretical physicist at City University of New York] says it also may have sprung from nothing . . . " "It is rather fantastic to realize that the laws of physics can describe how everything was created in a random quantum fluctuation out of nothing, and how over the course of 15 billion years, matter could organize in such complex ways that we have human beings sitting here, talking, doing things intentionally." (Alan Harvey Guth theoretical physicist and cosmologist). Discover Magazine, April 1, 2002 in other words, some scientists say "something out of nothing", some do not, and this has nothing to do with atheists. and, I bet the scientists can show their work.

Go to and watch a short video clip from Animal Planet, when did animal planet become an expert on atheism or theoretical physics? is this a different animal planet, other than the one which shows cute animals 24/7? which also tells us that scientists believe that nothing made everything. why not show a video of an actual scientist saying that nothing made everything? If you are an atheist you deny the initial Cause, so you are stuck with the intellectual embarrassment of believing that nothing made everything, and you do it hiding behind the skirts of science. Ray, you believe in the intellectual embarrasment that is Young Earth Creationism. Stones, glass houses, ringing any bells? The Bible is so right when it says "The fool has said in his heart 'There is no God'". Oh, well, a bible quote, I'm sold.


  1. it's bizarre, it completely bypasses the law of conservation of mass, but it happens all the time

    Its not that bizzarre when you consider Einseints most famous contribution to science: e=mc^2.

    Conservation of mass is simply a subset of conservation of energy. Pow, makes total sense again.

    Now if you want to move on over to string... wel things do get weird, particles come out of wave interactions. That is when it is bizzarre.

  2. thank you!

    that would be embarrassing if i hadn't admitted in advance that i don't understand quantum physics. it's so cool, though.

    string theory is just . . . so wierd. and so awesome.


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