Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Popcorn, Parables and Prevarications

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So, emissary has tried his/her hand at parables. My advice, leave it to Jesus. At least when Jesus' parables are inscrutable, the excuse of "translation difficulties" exists.

I won't repeat the "parable" here, except to say that it involves emissary as a young child and homemade greasy popcorn. The relevant part of the "parable" is the extended strawman at the end:

As I have read about issues regarding the family, I have been struck by how easily many people degrade i believe the word you are looking for is "denigrate". thesaurus. religion, marriage, and children. They me! equate fervent faith with uneducated people who don't know any better.

no, i don't equate fervent faith with a lack of education, per se. i equate, for very good reason, fervent faith with a rabid desire NOT to know things.

Exhibit "A": Ray Comfort. No matter how many times Ray has been told that evolution is not the theory that everything came from nothing, he continues to say it. Over and over again. He could pick up a book and read about evolution, but he won't. He could simply read the comments explaining this to him, ad nauseum, but he won't. Clearly, Ray doesn't want to know anything at all about evolution, science or atheism, he just wants to keep believing what he already believes.

Exhibit "B": Abstinence-only education. Abstinence-only education has been proven NOT TO WORK. Doesn't work. Is as bad, or worse, than no sex ed at all. It leads to more risky behavior on the part of teens than a complete lack of sex ed, in fact. Yet, not only has the US wasted billions- billions!- of dollars on abstinence-only education, the fervently faithful continue to insist that it's the best way to go. (I suppose if you want more teen pregancy and STDs, sure.)

They present marriage as a bigoted institution that keeps people from full equality.

I in no way view marriage as equivalent to Jim Crow. Marriage, in and of itself, is not bigoted. Denying everyone the same societal and legal advantages of marriage, however, is.

And they present having and raising children as a waste of money, time, and talents.

Who said that? Not me, nor anyone I know. I choose not to have children, however I support anyone's decision either way. It's up to you. Raising children is not a waste of money, time and talents. It is, however, shameful and disturbing to declare that the only possible life for a women is stay at home mother, and that any other choice is selfish and immature. I'm not going to tell you what to do, don't presume to judge me.

But I see them as the humble, sometimes greasy, offering from those who build their homes and our nation with great love. I apparently do not build greasy nations of great love.

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