Thursday, January 8, 2009

You Didn't Answer the Question I Didn't Ask!

Ray Comfort offers us another argument that seems reasonable, but isn't.

[Scientists] say, "Current theories hold that about 5 billion years ago the sun began to form from a huge dark cloud of dust and vapor that included the remnants of earlier stars which had exploded." Other experts tell us that "The Sun was also born in such a cluster, around 4.6 billion years ago, along with thousands of young stars." So it is well accepted in the scientific community that the sun had a beginning. Here’s my question: Where did the huge dark cloud of dust and vapor that included the remnants of earlier stars come from? It too, must have had a beginning.

Ray: "So, where'd you get those shoes from?"

Me: "Target"

Ray: "You're an idiot! You didn't tell me where the materials that made the shoes came from!"

Me: "You didn't ask."

It's silly to castigate the above (godlesscommie)scientists for not saying where the cloud of dust came from because that's not what they were investigating. They were investigating how and when our sun was formed. That's it. Any other question will have to be deferred to another day.

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