Thursday, January 29, 2009

Atheism and Arrogance

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Valerie Tarico at Debunking Christianity has written an amazing article about the atheist experience, atheist frustration and the arrogant atheist. Well worth a read whether you are an atheist, a christian, or anything. (I think pagans would relate to most of it, too, since pagans are in much the same position as atheists when it comes to being "out".)


  1. Really good catch, thanks for calling attention to it.

  2. an athiest story.

    my dad is a computer programmer with the Ohio BMV (which is a DMV in sane states)

    some months ago, a woman who works with my dad asked him for help with her home computer. she had lots of programming issues.

    so my dad goes to her house and works on her computer. he fixes it. as he was he leaving, she told him "thank you so much. i was worried about asking someone to come to my house, but i asked you becaus i know you are a Good Christian man."

    my dad literally could not reply. he said it felt like his vocal cords were paralyzed, he was so mad.

    that unthinking assumption that because someone is "nice" and we perceive them as "good" that the MUST be Christian? that's what made him so mad.


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