Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why Do I Have to Keep Explaining the Meanings of Words?

Sex education. What do those two words mean? Well, if you go by the meaning of the words, education about sex. In practice, this used to mean teaching teenagers (hopefully before they had sex), about puberty and maturation, pregnancy, how one becomes pregnant, STDs, how one catches STDs, and how to prevent pregnancy and STDs.

Comprehensive Sex Ed works. Abstinence Only does not. In fact, teenageers who are given Abstinence Only education have sex at the same rates as teenagers given no education at all, only they engage in more dangerous behaviors (i.e., not using condoms, etc.).

Clearly, the only way to fix this problem is to go back to Comprehensive Sex Ed. No, wait, apparently, emissary has another (asinine) option:

1. Start with relationships. is this "relationship training"? First focus on friendship, especially same-sex. Most people find their closest friends are of the same gender until puberty. Discuss what it takes to make successful relationships. again, why would this be the purpose of sex ed? and why should a school teacher be teaching this subject? This is a subject for the child's family.

2. Then focus on opposite sex relationships -- friendship, dating, and marriage. Talk about ways to approach each, and how to make a marriage work. seriously, you want a teacher to teach 30 12 year olds how to make a marriage work? should we be screening the teachers to see if their marriages work? can you even tell me how to make a marriage work? well, for you, maybe. not for me. every person has to figure that one out on their own. Make sure it's emphasized that marriage between a man and a woman is the best family relationship for children and a stable society. yeah, make sure one group's bigotry and fear is highlighted. because children are the future. but not the gay ones.

3. Once you've covered marriage, talk about sex. Discuss how it's best for individuals and society if kept within the bonds of marriage. so, don't talk about sex. and why is it best for everyone if kept within the bonds of marriage? EPIPHANY ALERT! Prop 8ers aren't against gays getting married, they're against gay sex. they think if gays don't get married, they won't have sex, because nobody should ever have sex outside of marriage. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

1. why are we back to 1? shouldn't we be at 4?In terms of sex, talk about gender, and how each matures during puberty. i agree with this. an adolescent's body is confusing at this time period.

2. Describe sexual intercourse. missionary? woman on top? doggy style? furrie? threesomes?

3. Mention the most common methods of contraception for spacing children. because simply preventing children couldn't possibly be anyone's goal. At the bottom of a worksheet, you could give places to look up more information. i'm sure it would be churches' websites. Or they could talk to a doctor. (When I went through the program, we learned at least a dozen methods of contraception, most of which are not extensively used. It was useless except to subconsciously indicate that people should want to find a method of contraception to avoid the "evil of getting pregnant". I know they were trying to stop teenage pregnancy, but those ideas don't just go away when people grow up.) as opposed to the idea that "sex is evil", which is exactly what is internalized when you tell someone to never, ever have sex or think about sex before marriage. asshat. besides, just because a method isn't commonly used doesn't mean it isn't effective or appropriate in certain cases.

4. Talk about common STDs, but mostly emphasize that these come through unsafe sexual practices (outside of marriage) unless you happen to be married to someone who had an STD before you were together or who steps out on you.

1. does this guy's keyboard not go above 4 or something? Now talk about the intended consequence of sex, which is conception. or orgasms. actually, it must be orgasms. after all, you can only get pregnant on 2-4 days every month, but you could have sex 5 times a day and orgasm every time, ergo . . .

2. Go through the growth and development of a fetus, all the way through birth. sex ed or pregnancy ed? oh, prolife ed.

3. Have parents of children at different ages (maybe up until a year) come in and talk about what it's like to be a parent. how long is this fucking course? I personally feel that seeing a mom with a six-week-old baby who hasn't slept much would be great birth control. sure. just like the little egg exercise is. like none of the kids in that classroom have younger brothers or sisters. get over it. And, of course, there's nothing quite as cute as seeing the little ones who are just crawling or just walking. which would lead to immature girls wanting babies, asshat!

4. Emphasize that children are a good thing. sure. having children you can't afford and don't want isn't. for anyone. Talk about how they're needed to stop Demographic Winter. is this is White Christians only portion of the class? Latinos aren't experiencing "Demographic Winter". racist. Discuss the joys that they bring, and that you have to invest in them like you would invest your money long-term. again, what the fuck does that have to do with sex ed?

yeesh, leave the teaching to the experts, emissary

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  1. "At the bottom of a worksheet, you could give places to look up more information."

    So "education" involves a bunch of moral preaching followed by telling the kids to look the facts up themselves. Wow.


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