Friday, January 30, 2009

The War on Logic Continues

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Wow. Just wow. These people vote! These people have children!

(From the Rapture Ready message boards)

Cindy S.:

I am just now reading through the bible. I just have to know, how did you come to embrace premillenial dispensationalism without ever having read the bible once . . . oh, wait, questions that answer themselves. I am now in the book of Exodus.What stood out to me today is our courts are modeled after the laws described in the book of Exodus. yeah, look, legal systems the world over (at least in democratic societies) are strikingly similar, aren't they? Why would our world which some like to believe came to being with a bang, develop a court system right out of the bible? ummm . . . what? when the justice system was designed in the US (based largely on the legal system existent in the British Empire) the big bang theory was hundreds of years away from being discovered. does she think that the US legal system is less than 50 years old? at the time our legal system was being founded, everyone was a creationist It's because there is no evolution. can I just say WHAT?! how does the legal system has a basis in biblical tort law equal "evolution is a lie"? A + B = C therefore B=Q? It's absolutely amazing what the Lord reveals to me. oh, yes, it is.

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