Friday, January 9, 2009

Need God?

this is fun!


btw, if you are an atheist, and have never been, say a hindu or pagan, you have not broken the first commandment.


  1. well really, what the first commandment says is to put no OTHER god before God. not that one may not WORSHIP other gods. seems to be proof that the writers of the OT "knew" that there were other gods :)

  2. oh... you are moderating now?
    may i ask why? i have never needed a comment to be approved before. i hope everything is ok?

  3. yeah, i have a troll who wants to enact the "godly" justice of putting homosexuals to death.

    a troll would be fun, some guy who wants an excuse to kill people is not.

    anyways, truly the ancient jews were not monotheists, they were monolatrists. monolatrists believe in other gods, they just think the one they picked was the very best one.

    and, i think you are right. as long as i don't worship vishnu more than i worship yhwh, i'm in the clear.

  4. i suck, it's been days since i've checked (which i already said in comments on another of your blog posts)
    but i wanted to specifically tell you that i am very sorry you have a hateful troll.


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