Friday, January 30, 2009

Yes, We are in the 21st Century- and Yes, She Was Suspended for Being a Witch

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A 15 year old Wiccan in Oklahoma was suspended from school for 15 days for casting a hex on a teacher and making him ill. Yes, this happened in the US. No, it did not happen during the Salem witch trials. Unfuckingbelievable.

From the ACLU's website: In its legal complaint filed today in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma, the ACLU said that school officials not only suspended Blackbear for 15 days in December 1999 for allegedly casting spells, but also violated her religious freedom when they told her that she could not wear or draw in school any symbols related to the Wicca religion.

The ACLU lawsuit also accuses school officials of violating the young woman's due process rights when, in the spring of 1999, they suspended her for 19 days over the content of private writings taken from her book bag. Officials had searched her possessions based on a rumor that Blackbear was carrying a gun, although no weapon of any sort was ever found. To date, school officials have not returned Blackbear's writings to her.

Hey, why doesn't some oh-so-earnest christian tell me all about how the world hates you and how persecuted you are?


  1. They're going to have to work really hard to convince the rest of us that they're persecuted while this nonsense is going on. Seriously, if we dare to think differently, we're persecuting them in their eyes. It's the most messed up religious system anyone could imagine and if somebody HAD created it for a novel, nobody would find it believable. Thanks for posting this.

  2. I find it remarkably offensive what they did to that poor girl. And, ummm . . . did they even stop to consider that they were basically saying that the girl's pagan faith gave her the ability to make people sick, an ability Christians are sadly lacking?

    I've spent the last few days talking to a recent convert to fundamentalism who just couldn't figure out why atheists are so angry. His personal story of persecution is that he was "talked to" at work for proselytizing- on company time.

    Then, he goes over to the Homosecular Gaytheist (seen him yet? awesome!) and recommends that the gaytheist read the bible. I had to go over there and apologize for giving the gaytheist a troll. (I think he enjoyed it, but really, I felt like I had accidentally brought a unhousebroken dog into someone's house.)

    As much as they act like they want a theocracy, I think what christians in this country really want is a whole bunch of lions.

  3. Wow, she cast a hex and made the teacher ill. Umm, did anyone bother to explain to the teacher about the "power of sugestion" before they went all bugfuck nuts and suspended her? Jesus Christ, that's just offensive!!

  4. Apparently, contrary to xtian dogma, all religions are equally valid, though in terms of raw power, wicca is the clear winner.

  5. i remember when this is happened, i think, if it IS the same case (that WAS a long time ago). my sister was still part of a coven at that time, because she wanted to try Wicca (remember how weird our religion is?).
    if it IS the same one, i was part of a massive letter campaign, and the letter i wrote said essentially "she prayed that her teacher would get sick. he got sick. there isn't acutally a correlation between these two events, and BTW until you start suspending EVERY kid who prays and start preventing EVERY kid from using holy symbols, what you are doing is discriminatory and illegal, and i am donating $X to a legal fund to have you removed from you job for abuse of power. to date, just the group i am working with has raised $Xx23 (we all donated something like $20, there were 23 of us working with my sister's coven - and i know of AT LEAST a dozen other covens that were doing this same sort of campaign).

    the reply that i got? boiled down "the bible says to kill witches so we are actually being much nicer than we have to be. neener-neener" i know i sent that reply along with my donate to the lawyer (i think it was actually a state lawyer, anyway it wasn't actually the ACLU lawyer that was representing the girl, but the lawyer who was working the discrimination by a government employee).

    sadly, my sister had a really bad break with her coven and i let this slide. thank you for bringing it back to my attention, or i guess if it is not the same but a similiar one bringing it up at ALL. i'm going to go poke around and see if there is anything i can do at this point.

  6. good for you! I just can't get past their acceptance that witchcraft is more powerful than Jesus. Btw "the bible says kill them so we're being nice just making their lives miserable" is the excuse for antigay stuff too. I guess maybe they are loviing their neighbors as much as themselves- not at all

  7. "not at all"

    you know, thats an interesting thought. maybe they all have so much self-hated and self-loathing that they really do think they are being nice? it's an interesting point, if its true... and really reinforces how *Evil* hatred is.


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