Friday, January 16, 2009


Ray Comfort, fundy extradonaire, posted a request for an atheist's home address on his blog today. His excuse was the atheist in question wrote the forward for Ray's latest drivel, er, book, and he wanted to send him a copy. Posting anyone's address on the internet is extremely dangerous, for obvious reasons. Or reasons that should be obvious to anyone with a working brain. I replied with a comment that (a) Ray's publisher would have that information, and (b) posting someone's address on the internet leaves them open to vandalism, violence or worse.

I checked back to see if my comment was posted, and voila, no more post.

I am made of win.


  1. i just can't believe that asshat tried to pull a stunt like that.

  2. You are made of win, but you're even winnier if there are awesome screencaps...

  3. the interwebs doesn't determine winniness by font size?


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