Tuesday, January 27, 2009

US Rights Are NOT Guaranteed in Other Countries

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Emissary seems a little confused as to whom the Bill of Rights grants rights. Just to clear things up: citizens of the United States while in the United States. Our Bill of Rights does not guarantee rights to people in Italy. It doesn't even cover US citizens in Italy.

Also, the First Amendment does not give one the right to say absolutely anything, nor does it protect one from the consequences of speech. I am not allowed to make threats, I am not allowed to incite riots, and I am not allowed to yell "fire!" in a crowded theater. If I start spewing antiSemitic nonsense at work, I will be fired. I can't hide behind the First Amendment and claim that I have the right to utterly offend my employers without consequences.

Freedom of speech is one of the rights granted in the Bill of Rights. it's called the First Amendment. It has been almost sacred to many people since before this country was formed. how could the bill of rights be sacred before it was written? were these people prophets? Yet, it can be destroyed on certain topics. How? To turn "free speech" into "hate speech". apparently, emissary is a little pissed that he can't say n**ger and k*ke anymore. do i really need to explain why some types of speech are strongly discouraged? really?

what's really going on here is that emissary is pissed that he has to be polite to the gays. he doesn't want to be polite to the gays, in fact, he would like to return to the time when gays were afraid to ever give a hint of being gay. it's hard to preach hatred of people that are accepted in society, especially if you have to use nice language.

so, rather than saying, "i want to call them f*gs and qu**rs and f**ries, because then you'd really see them for what they are!", he tries to frame this as a freedom of speech issue. actually, emissary, you are more than welcome to use any hateful, disgusting words you want. we are free to then call you on it.

actions have consequences.

For example, there are certain words and phrases that people do not use today because they are seen as offensive. Very offensive. I'm not talking about profanity; people toss those around like a normal part of their vocabulary. when i'm not on the clock, i do. not at work, however. I'm referring to racist or sexist comments especially. Certain things just aren't said in public, or in polite company. i don't know if he meant to, but emissary just said that not being able to say n**ger is a violation of the first amendment. wow.

anyway, the rest of the article is about something in italy, which is entirely irrelevant to a discussion of the United States Bill of Rights. It's not particularly relevant to a discussion of US politics, the US gay rights movement, or, I dunno, anything.

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