Monday, January 19, 2009

selfishness, and lust, and greed, and lack of self control, and hopelessness in death

Yup that's me.

I'm not a bigot, so I must be filled with selfishness, and lust, and greed, and lack of self control, and hopelessness in death.

Euripidesraper strikes again:

California's Proposition 8 stirred up a lot of activism on both sides of the issue. We all read the news stories of gays protesting at Mormon temples or interrupting church services. which is somehow worse than the mormons, et al. working tirelessly to deprive the gays of civil rights? how? We've also seen a rise in marriage supporters in legal activism and blogging. okay, i will accept "traditional marriage supporters, but not simply "marriage supporters." after all, the gay marriage supporters also support marriage, just not the same marriage. please be clear with your names. But at the heart of the issue is a basic difference between ideologies. bigotry v. "all men are created equal", which is the truth that is held to be self evident, asshat! (the name of his blog is "self evident truths." All men!)

With an ideological view, you can't change beliefs with facts. you just said that both sides are ideological. therefore, facts can't change your mind either. be careful with the logic that is pointy on both ends, euripidesraper. That's the main problem we, as bloggers, face getting out our version of reality in favor of traditional marriage. Ideologues such as yourself, such as gay activists, don't respond to facts but only to their particular system of being - their "creation" story if you will is the religious reference necessary? is it the clearest way to present the idea?.

Pro traditional marriage bloggers do it all the time from our point of view the right point of view!, represented by the Bible, traditional values and morals, a strict interpretation of the Constitution, conservatism, and so on all the good stuff. care to define any of that for me, asshat? conservatism could mean anything. traditional values and morals? whose? ancient greeks, like your namesake? they were all about the gay sex. try again.. Any facts presented to us will be filtered through our ideology and expressed accordingly. is he admitting that his bigotry gets in the way of clear thought? that's usually my line. It seems obvious to us, for example, that gay sex is wrong. (The idea is stoutly i don't think "stoutly" is the correct averb here. none of the definitions make sense in this situation creepy to a lot of people. so, the gay sex is icky TO YOU, therefore it is wrong? I find some hetero sexual practices creepy, doesn't make them wrong. besides, why do asshats like this spend more time thinking about gay sex than gays do?)

But to ideologues without traditional standards (such as social norms anyone who prefers reading to tv is outside current social norms. so what?, the Bible a collection of ancient myths from a group of desert nomads thousands of years ago?, and so forth you need to define things like so forth and so on), the wrongness of gay sex isn't so obvious because it's not wrong. i don't engage in gay sex because it doesn't interest me. there's nothing wrong with it.What if someone doesn't have a system of belief, an ideology that has a concept of traditional values? i have a concept of traditional values, i just don't find them to be relevant in the modern world. (yes, i think murdering is bad.) Of God and His law i don't even believe in the sky-daddy, so why should i subject myself to the sky-daddy's law?

What if their creative story, their "god" is based on a convoluted idea of what the US Constitution says? this asshat thinks atheists worship the constitution? seriously? Their world is as alien to us as our world is to them. yes, we're like freakin' martians. no, asshat, i get you. bigotry is nothing new. They think a belief in God is an aberration of a demented mind. no, i don't. i think imposing god's law on a country protected by separation of church and state is an aberration of a demented mind. try rereading the First Amendment with your crazy glasses off. We think that their aberration boy, you do like that word, huh? of sexual practices is totally whack. you're a rapper from 5 years ago?

We believe what we do because of feelings so not ideas or research or logic, just feelings. nice. we should all be legislating our feelings. that will result in quite the dress code for all muscley men in this country, but you won't be subject to that. of faith and hope hope for what? maintaining a second class of citizen in this country? lost the blacks and the wimmins, but you can't let go of the gayz? with a standard in the Bible or OR?! repeat after me: The. United. States. Is. Not. A. Theocracy. in the Constitution.

They me! believe in what they do because of feelings of fairness good (and selfishness bad, and lust oh so good!, and greed bad, and lack of self control i don't have gay urges, so i don't have to control them. the fact that euripidesraper is "controlling" his gay urges doesn't make him better than Teh Gayz, it makes him a self-loathing gay, and hopelessness in death what?, and opposition to what?. But I digress. you sure do) Obviously, any research conducted by such ideologues will be skewed in favor of gay sex. just like any research conducted by your ideologues will be skewed against gays. Just as any research conducted by those with our point of view will demonstrate the bad effects of gay sex. i suppose that's another way of saying what i just said, or not.

Where the texts are uncertain, interpretation of the text will depend on the ideology of the reader, not on the ideology of the writer. both. it will depend on both. it's called spin. This is the basic problem that pro marriage bloggers have encountered by trying to present facts from sources that gay activists will undoubtedly discount or reject all together. altogether. Our facts simply can't get in the way of the gay version of truth. and our facts just can't get in the way of your bigotry. And visa versa. vice versa. college professor, my ass! Gays' facts i'm fairly certain facts are neither gay nor straight, but whatever can't get in the way of our version of truth. notice, he admits it's not the truth, simply his version thereof. Our goal as bloggers should not be to combat those who would destroy marriage by presenting facts. just say nasty things about how icky gay sex is, throw in some bible, some "what about the children?" and you're done. Neither we, nor the opposition let facts get in the way of our beliefs.

We have to take a look at the belief system, the ideology behind the activists. i don't feel a need to hate people in order to make myself feel good about my life? We must present our beliefs, not as a series of facts, but as a presentation of our world view, our creation story so-to-speak, as the Truth. i think he's been reading some ayn rand or something. would somebody care to help? We weren't converted to the Truth by facts were we? why let facts determine your world view? *weeps quietly* We were converted by the underlying story - the hope of Jesus Christ the "hope" not the "truth"? is this asshat admitting that the sky-daddy isn't really real, too?, for instance, or the unwavering belief in the US Constitution as the best form of government ever created so, jesus is a hope, but the constitution is unwavering. When we get bogged down in the "facts" of the matter, instead of spreading our version of truth, the opposition wins. this guy is unbelievable! he's mocking himself! where's the fun in that? We get caught in the net of argument and counter argument instead of rising above it to present truth as we see it. LALALALALA Gay sex is bad LALALALALALA

Those who recognize truth will see it for what it is and join with us. already bigoted? we have a place for you! Those who don't see it will never accept the truth. are we back to calling it truth? There's a story in the Gnostic text of The Gospel of Philip NOT in the bible that came from Nag Hammadi, Egypt. Jesus is teaching his disciples and he says (I'm paraphrasing): "A blind man and a man in a dark room are the same. But when the light comes on, he who can see, sees, and he who is blind remains in darkness still." that was exact, which makes it NOT paraphrasing. I understand that we are crippled by the constraints of blogging you can't scream in my face?, by political correctness you left that behind a long time ago, is my guess, and by the simple fact that so many people have rejected the truths that we take for granted bigotry is so 2008. But we plug along and do the best we can. which is, apparently, barely literate, illogical, irrational posting.

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