Thursday, January 8, 2009

Unfortunate Comparisons You Probably Don't Want to Make

Watch Ray Comfort compare god to a sadistic thrill-killer. It's something.

I watched a short video (presumably presented by an atheist) called "Tough Question for Christians" recently. He began his tough question, by saying that he had videotape evidence that you dented his car. He gave you 24 hours to apologize, and if you didn’t, he was going to throw gasoline on you and burn you alive. That is tough.

He then compared his analogy with the message of Christianity, saying that sinning against God was like denting a car, and that God will burn people in Hell for "not believing in Him" and for any other "little, tiny thing" they may have done.

Let’s look at a more applicable analogy. The police discover the grisly scene of six mutilated bodies of teenage girls, who were tied up, tortured, viciously raped, and then had their throats cut. They have your fingerprints on the knife, your DNA at the crime scene, and videotape of you boasting to a friend about how terrified the girls were, when you slowly cut their throats. you thought that was funny.

The judge finds you guilty of the heinnous crimes of rape and murder of the six girls, and sentences you to death by the electric chair. You react by saying, "My crime was petty. It was no big deal. This judge is evil."

The atheist’s mistake is to think that the God he doesn’t believe in, has the same moral standards as humanity. Yet, the God he must face on Judgment Day is morally perfect and utterly holy. He considers lust to be adultery and hatred to be murder. We are told in Scripture that lying lips are an abomination to Him. He killed a husband and wife (in the Book of Acts) simply because they told one lie. Lying is so serious to Him, the Bible warns that all liars with have their part in the lake of fire. Sin is not about "little, tiny things" that we have done. It is deadly serious.

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