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Believers = Name Callers

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Okay, so as hard as it may be to believe, thejournalistachronicle has made the argument that being a believer is synonymous with name calling and other such bad behavior.


Yes, I know, that's normally my line, but, well, here it is.

Backing up a little bit, I understand that your bronze age collection of stories from nomadic tribesman tells you that Teh Gay is Teh Evul. Fine. I'll even cede the point for the purposes of this paragraph, and this paragraph alone. (Possibly the next one as well, purely for the purposes of readability.) You just have to rail against Teh Evul Gayz. Is it too much to ask that you use essentially neutral language when you do so? "Homosexual", for example, is simply a term describing a person who is sexually attracted to members of their own sex. That's it. Everyone knows what homosexual means, so there's no confusion, and it is a neutral word, allowing you to spew your hatred in the least hateful manner.

Is that such a bad thing? Is it absolutely necessary to abandon good taste and common decency and politeness to make your point? What would Jesus do?

Wow. . .the more research I do, the scarier the public school system seems to get. it's not the guns and school shootings and gangs and drugs that scare journalista, mind you, it's not calling gays any vile word she can think of. For the love of all that I don't find holy, please home school your children, journalista. Keep them away from my nieces and nephews. Gold stars for all parents who home school their kids, or who can afford a Christian private school and make spending money on tuition a priority. poor people are poor because they're immoral and they deserve to be. In conjunction with the tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality in schools we no longer allow the other students to beat them up. well, most of the time. comes the attack on Christianity and all conservative values that's right, cause calling gays "fags, etc." is a christian value. Thank you! i've always thought so., and thus the students who fall into those categories. The GLBT community always tries to blame their problems on us, the conservative Christians. no, they just want you to keep your religion away from our democracy. theocracy sucks! you're more than welcome to worship without pushing it on the rest of us. in fact, jesus made that a command.

Matt 6:5-6 And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full.

But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

Well, sorry gang, give it up, it’s not going to fly. Actions have consequences and you’re not going to make the rest of society responsible for your perverted, irresponsible, and self-inflicted life anguish. That’s all on you.

Wow. Usually the DNA crowd pretends to be polite. "Love the sinner, not the sin" they say over and over again. The true will out, I guess. I'm surprised she didn't go straight for "fag" and get it over with.

An upcoming “No Name-Calling” campaign for public schools yeah, cause we don't want to stop name calling, we want more of it! who doesn't miss the days of yore when you could call a n**ger a n**gger and a fag a fag? me, for one., sponsored by none other then a homosexual activist organization,

full stop. what organization is this? you can't even give me a name? you're just going to call it a homosexual activist organization and not even let me check this? hmmm . . . I wonder why . . .

No Name-Calling Week is a product of GLSEN (yes, it is a homosexual activist organization)and Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, in collaboration with more than 40 national education organizations. Simon & Schuster is a homosexual activist organization? Since when? Do these people in the DNA even care about the truth?

is prompting concerns from a Christian group, which contends the effort promotes hate, not tolerance. let's see what ridiculous attempt at logic now follows.
“Is respect for Christians part of these ‘no-naming-calling’ lessons?” asked Linda Harvey (want to know where that link goes? "Mission American" linked to racist propaganda. I guess one hate is as good as another.), head of Mission America online donations now accepted!.

respect for christians? seriously? because christians are the minority . . . uh, no. because christians are frequently called vile names . . . no. because christians are frequently harassed due to their distinctive speech/clothing/styles . . . no. because christians fear admitting they are christians . . . no. because christians aren't allowed to marry other christians . . . no. because christians are afraid to go to certain restaurants or clubs because if someone realizes they are christian, they face violence or even being killed . . .no.

look, give it up. you are not persecuted. being forced to live in a world with people different from you is not persecution. not being allowed to say hateful, vile, bigoted things whenever and wherever you want is not persecution. it's common decency. get some.

“Or does this effort in reality create more division by labeling and stereotyping objections to homosexuality?” the goal of this venture is to stop children from calling on another vile names. unless you think "n**ger" is an acceptable word for a black child, this is a good thing.

You won’t be surprised what other organizations are sponsoring this program: Anti-Defamation League libruls, Educators for Social Responsibility libruls, the National Education Association libruls and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America libruls who give birth control and pap smears to poor women! the nerve!. With this ‘no-name-calling’ campaign comes the attempt of GLBT groups to promote their agenda, seek preferential treatment and disrespect Christians. how is it preferential treatment to ask others to use polite words? and, apparently, it is disrespectful to ask christians to use polite language. unless we allow christians to use vile, hateful, bigoted speech, we're persecuting them. nice.Just like I said in my post yesterday about tolerance training i'd go back and read it, but my blood pressure is high enough, shouldn’t no-name-calling be a blanket thing, referring to any type of name-calling yeah, actually it is. have you seen the campaign? it's not only about GLBTs. wow, actual research. is asking christians to do research persecution, too? not being tolerated on any front, rather then a sneaky way to promote of the homosexual lifestyle?

According to the no name calling week website, the inspiration for the idea comes from the a book called “The Misfits,” by James Howe about 5 junior high girls, all different, are taunted, one who’s taunted based on her sexual orientation/gender expression. apparently, journalista can't even be bothered to read what she has written. this whole article is all about how no name-calling week is all about the "gay agenda", but she herself types that IT'S NOT. HELLO?! IS ANYONE HOME?!

The website claims it wants to focus national attention on the problem of name-calling in school, and that’s nice and all, but don’t be fooled–what they are really trying to bring attention to is how much they think GLBT people are discriminated against, and how everyone should think being gay or whatever is so great and wonderful. Ick. . that's right. we wouldn't want those little fuckpacking fags to think for a second that they are as good as the rest of us, now would we? we need to keep those little fairy queers in their place, now don't we? do you not get how vile and hateful and disgusting this is, journalista?

frankly, reading this article is making me feel dirty, which even for journalista is reaching a new low, but I do have to share this with you:

That’s the kicker right there. Harvey hits the nail on the head with that statement. The programs do assume, in fact more realistically comma force students to think that homosexuality is ok and worthy of respect and, they simply instruct children not to call each other vile, hateful names. that's it. now, i suppose it is awfully hard to teach your children to hate effectively if they refuse to call their classmates fags and queers, but that's your problem, journalista. Homosexuality is not harmless!!!!! yes, that is indeed 5 exclamation points. if you're going to be disgustingly prejudiced, journalista, at least remain within the bounds of accepted punctuation. I am so disturbed by the lack of compassion exhibited by the GLBT community for the rest of America. seriously? they're being discriminated against, and they're supposed to feel sorry for the oppressors, why? should the blacks have felt guilty over the civil war, as well? Its as if they are wishing for these children, and even everyone else, to experience the kind of anxiety, turmoil, family chaos, sexual perversion and lack of self-esteem that they themselves have experienced being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered.

SHOW YOUR WORK. okay, seriously, if you want to make wild accusations that gays are anxious, in turmoil, have chaotic families and a lack of self esteem, you really need to give me some kind of proof. surely there have been peer reviewed psychological studies proving this. or do you even know what "peer reviewed" and "studies" mean?

They don’t want these children to experience the sacredness of intimacy within a loving and committed marriage really, why not?

oh, wait, i think i just got it. see christians are so concerned with converting everyone to christianity, they just naturally assume that gays want to make everyone else gay. got it.

, a real marriage between one man and one woman. real? as opposed to . . . They are trying to rob these children of one of life’s essential joys. no, they're not, get over it. None of these GLBT people can say life has been blissful and easy for them, or that they have been happy, they would be lying if they did. and you are lying if you say your life has been blissful and easy. unless you simply don't understand the meaning of the word "blissful" They are past the trying phase of agenda execution. explanation? so make no mistake they ARE promoting this life of sadness and suffering wow, alliteration! on America’s children. This is vile behavior at it’s finest! so's this article, bigot.

I'm honestly surprised the DNA is allowing this. usually they try to pull the "some of my best friends are gay" and "love the sinner, not the sin" lines. can't try that with this one.

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