Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Give Peace a Bullet to the Brain

Honestly. At what point does a person look at the world around them and say, "You know what? Just not enough violence and hatred and killing out there. I should speak out against anything that seeks to put an end to it, or at least slow things down. That's not what Jesus would have wanted."

Apparently when they become a Christian fundamentalist.

From the raptureready message boards, we get this gem:

A Christian, Muslim and Jew pray for peace among nations
From Worldwide Faith News wfn@igc.org
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2009 20:39:41 -0800
A Christian, Muslim and Jew pray for peace among nations
New York, January 12, 2009 --

Leaders of three faiths that trace their origins back to a common ancestor -- the Patriarch Abraham -- joined their hearts and pens today to form a common prayer for peace between Israel, Gaza and among all nations.Rabbi Steve Gutow of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the Rev. Dr. Michael Kinnamon of the National Council of Churches USA, and Dr. Sayeed Sayid of the Islamic Society of North America, acknowledged having "different views" as to how to end the confrontation between Israel and Gaza, said they looked "to the power that is greater than any of us can even contemplate" to ask for peace in the Middle East.

I don't think that will accomplish anything for a variety of reasons, but it's nice to see people trying. Or not.

Gabby (under the fig tree) replies: That prayer won't reach the ceiling since it is not prayed in the name of Jesus Christ. stupid jews and muslims, thinking god listens to them. as an atheist, i think you're all a pack of godbotherers, but whatever, go ahead and think you're special.

lynGraphics doesn't understand, I dunno, science, dna, and incest apparently: besides.... we ALL have one common ancestor!

Beagler proves that religion makes one stupid: I get so tired of people equating allah the demonic moon god to Jehovah the creator of the universe and author of my salvation. yeah, i know, philology from a chick tract. look, one more time and then i'm done, "allah" is the arabic word for "god" in exactly the same way "perro" is the spanish word for "dog". they mean exactly the same thing. arabic-speaking christians pray to "allah". are we done yet?

final trumpet is a little angry that a christian would dare to pray with those from other faiths. how dare they! That prayer will not reach the ceiling anyway since it is against he scriptures. Since when is a Christian supposed to be praying in agreement with those that deny Christ and those that worship a false god?

what the hell is the matter with people, anyway? do these asshats think more prejudice and bigotry and violence is the answer to our problems? every now and then i wish there was a god, so that asshats like these would have to answer for this sort of thing.

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