Friday, January 16, 2009

Almost, but not Quite, Good and Kind

So, our friend Euripidesraper fails to understand basic concepts again.

You see, the American Atheists have asked Obama to not accept the honorary role of president of the Boy Scouts of America. (It's not just gays the Boy Scouts hate, it's atheists, too. So much to hate, so little time.)

Here's the American Atheists' reasoning:

The BSA has acted vigorously in recent years to expel atheist and agnostic members and employees. This policy expresses the Declaration of Religious Principle, Bylaws of Boy Scouts of America, part. IX, § 1, cl. 1:The Boy Scouts of America maintains that no member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God.

In the first part of the Scout Oath or Promise the member declares, "On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law." The recognition of God as the ruling and leading power in the universe and the grateful acknowledgment of His favors and blessings are necessary to the best type of citizenship and are wholesome precepts in the education of the growing members.

The BSA has elected to set itself apart as a private organization that may discriminate in ways contrary to the laws and practices required of local, state, and federal authorities. Accepting the title and role of honorary president of the Boy Scouts of America would thus send the message that institutional discrimination against people who don’t happen to believe in a god is acceptable.

Why do the Boy Scouts get to discriminate against gays and atheists, but not blacks or jews? Why is discrimination against gays and atheists okay, whereas discrimination against blacks and jews is not? See, I just don't get Teh Random Hate Against People Different From Me. I think I'm the wierdo.

Here's Euripidesraper's take on this (and, by the way, he is showing his age):

I stand in awe at the temerity of these people. It's ridiculous to want equality. How dare we? Isn't the back of the bus good enough? Not satisfied with removing any modicum of religiosity from government is he high? a congressman just slammed atheists for no apparent reason, and we've done what? , not stopping with public institutions, not fearing to rush in where angels fear to tread to remove religion from schools my tax dollars should not be used to teach a religion I don't believe in. i worked for that money, damnit., these Evangelical Atheists *rolls eyes* tackle the BSA, a private institution. golf course and country clubs are private institutions and they aren't allowed to discriminate against blacks and jews and gays and atheists, either. what, if you've got merit badges, discrimination is a-okay? These secular sophists alliteration! sit in sackcloth and ashes i prefer silk and cotton, personally, in anguish that the Boy Scouts could possibly offer an oath of duty to God and country. yeah, because it excludes atheists. hello? discrimination? heard of it?

And in the Audacity of Hope, they urge our future president to be as vacuous and intolerant as they are. yes, i am intolerant of your intolerance. get over it. In my own audacity of which your cup runneth over, I have to wonder how long the Boy Scouts can endure such attacks hopefully not for longer than say 5 minutes from now?: from atheists, from gay activists, from women's libbers this is where he shows his age. we've been called feminists for a while now. jackass. All they see is a good and decent institution that's right, we're offended by anyone who's not pillaging and raping. it's not the discrimination that gets us going, get offended by it, and in the end, drag it down to their base level or attempt to destroy it all together. yes, yes, i would like to end discrimination. against everyone. i'm Teh Evul!

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