Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Just Can't Believe This Works

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So, Ray Comfort changed his sidebar. (BTW, Ray posted about me today. He could have spelled out my name.) I think he's getting stupider.

Cold Comfort For Budding Atheists
• An atheist is someone who believes that nothing made everything.
no, we don't. you can say that all you want, Ray, but we do understand thermodynamics, for one thing. i don't know why you insist on this. He will deny that through gritted teeth, because it is an intellectual embarrassment. no, my teeth aren't gritted. it just isn't true. But if he says of his Toyota that he has no belief that there was a maker, then he thinks that nothing made it (it just happened), which is a scientific impossibility. false dichotomy, ray. you think the universe was created by god. i don't. that doesn't mean i think nothing made the universe, just not god. So, to remain credible, he falls back on something made everything, but he just doesn’t know what that something was. i don't claim to know everything, ray, that's your line. So he’s not an atheist--he believes in an initial cause. atheism is a lack of belief in god, not a lack of belief in initial causes. stop redefining words to suit your arguments. we can all play that game. i will now prove you are a muslim by redefining muslim as "follower of christ". see how ridiculous that is?

• An atheist is someone who pretends that there is no God. no, i just don't believe in god. stop calling me a liar. i really don't believe in god.

• The freedom to be an atheist is the God-given right of every American. stop that. the freedom to be an atheist is a right permitted under the First Amendment, not god. god demands that I believe in him, and according to you will condemn me to an eternity of suffering if i don't. isn't he nice?

• Atheism is the epitome of the sin of ingratitude. when did "ingratitude" become a sin? it's not one of the ten commandments. it's not one of the seven deadly sins. it's nowhere in Leviticus. are you just making up sins now, ray?

• An atheist plays Russian roulette with fully loaded gun. only on tuesdays, ray.

• Atheism is intellectual suicide. ummmm . . . what? what does that even mean. at least i'm not making up sins.

• Evolutionists have done to science, what hypocrites have done to Christianity. they've studied paleontological records to test hypothesis and written peer-reviewed papers discussing their findings?

• The human propensity to gullibility is evidenced by evolution’s many believers. now replace "evolution" with "religion" and see how much fun pointy-on-both-ends logic really is.

• An atheist has no scientific creditably, because his "nothing created everything" violates the basic laws of science. actually, creationism violates so many laws of science i'm surprised heads don't explode on a regular basis at research centers and universities.

• An atheist is like a fish in the ocean saying that there’s no evidence that there’s an ocean. what? the fish can see the ocean, smell the ocean (do fish smell? i have no idea), feel the ocean, taste the ocean and hear the ocean. i can do none of these things with god. if i could, I would believe.

• It is impossible for a Christian to convert to atheism because a Christian is someone who knows God. no true scotsman.

• The atheist says that he doesn’t believe God exists, but he uses His name as a cuss word. Go figure. ummmm . . . what? cuss words are cultural, they don't reflect belief or nonbelief. do abstinence only proponents not use the word "fuck" on occasion?

• That nagging doubt: "Why there almost certainly is no God." Richard Dawkins see, this is where Ray can't get out of his own head. Ray HAS TO have the answers for everything. Atheists don't. we understand there are things we don't know and can't explain and we're fine with that. 200 years ago, nobody knew about bacteria. we know now.

• School children should have evolution explained to them, so that they can see how unscientific and crazy it is. should we also explain every other thing you find crazy, ray? maybe attempt to convert them to Islam just so we can show them how crazy muslism are? that doesn't make sense. See oh my, ray has another website. the internet is just full of wonder, isn't it?

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