Monday, January 19, 2009

Five Levels of Stupidity

That is my dog, with his head stuck in an empty bag of dog food. The bag had about a handful of food in it, and he just couldn't resist temptation. When I found my dog, he was alternating between desperately trying to get the bag off of his head and trying to get his head further into the bag to eat the last few crumbs. I don't think my dog learned anything from the experience.

This post from the emissary of the bigotsphere has the same sort of quality to it.

Look, you can explain all the different ways "I am" can be used in english (I already knew that, but whatever), but you're still a bigot. Side note: spanish has two "I ams": estoy and soy. Estoy represents temporary states, as in estoy feliz- I am happy. Soy represents permanent states, as in soy una mujer- I am a woman. Moving along, homosexual is an inborn, permanent state. One does not choose to be gay, one is born gay. Therefore, all of emissary's perambulations around the phrase "I am" are meaningless.

Next we get a discussion of SCOTUS decisions and protected v. suspect classes. It's an interesting civics lesson, but keep something in mind: the laws of the United States, at one time, allowed slavery, institutionalized racism against blacks, and forbid women to own property and vote, among other things. To look to the laws of our country as the last word on a subject, or as the most moral word on a subject, is intellectually disingenuous at best. Go ahead, emissary, look that up.


  1. Wow, that is a long, roundabout, and very English-language-centered way for Emissary to restate the typical "It's not the attraction to men that bothers me- it's the icky icky sex!"

    Why would you want to pin so much of your argument on the vagaries of the English language? There are plenty of languages that don't even have a copula (verbs like to be), and some, like Spanish, have tons of variations.

  2. Have you ever noticed how much time these people spend on the icky, icky sex? Gay people probably don't spend as much time thinking about gay sex.

    Plus, if you were laughing when clinton waffled on the definition of "is", you can't come back and redefine "I am".


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