Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Every Time I Think I Can't Be More Offended . . .

some christian asshat proves that i can be.

(from the RaptureReady message boards) cbressler1976 has a great thought!: I have been upset about the innocent children in all of the fighting in Gaza....but this thought came to me....these little children that are dying would have been taught Islam and hate...this way they have a chance to go to heaven!! It's terrible that they are dying and my heart is sad....but when I was talking to God this thought came to me....the ones that are dying are going to be able to go to heaven....instead of growing up and following Islam...so, something good is coming out of this....

ok, do i need to explain how sick and offensive and disgusting and, and . . . GAH! this is? oh, poor little children, bodies torn apart, dying in pain, afraid and alone, but it's a good thing! it's fantastic! isn't god wonderful? if they had lived, they would have turned into filthy, dirty muslims. i'll say it again- GAH!

wvborn56 apparently shares in the OP's love of children torn apart and bleeding in the dirt: That is an excellnt point. It is always good to have an eternal perspective. on a long enough time line, asshole.

Very good thought, on the other hand their parents think they are with "allah" which is the arabic word for god. ARABIC-SPEAKING CHRISTIANS CALL GOD ALLAH. GET OVER IT. and enjoying 72 virgins. ok, it just got that much more offensive. and we started out with dead children being a good thing. there should be an award for this sort of thing. But we know they rest with Jesus. Too bad their kids can't tell them they are worshiping a fake god. The kids know more than the "teachers" of islam. i think every christian in the US should be required by law to write a letter of apology to the islamic world at large. every day.

mommytoa3rdgradeboy (does she change her screen name every year, or is he just really slow?) seems to think god is good in choosing natural disasters instead of shipments of bibles: Yeah, I know what you mean. I remember, at first, feeling soooo sorry for all the little children who had died in the tsunami (sp) in 04, I think???? but you know, not for the adults. they can just . . . um, well . . . go to . . . yeah. Then, it just hit me like a ton a of bricks--those little children, had they grown up, may never have come to know the Lord, and now they can be w/ Him. so, god couldn't just send over some missionaries, maybe a couple of boxes of bibles, some chick tracts, something? a 50 foot wall of water was the best option? i guess it is my moral duty to never have children, because then god would have to set pennsylvania on fire in order to protect them from being raised as atheists.

what's the fucking matter with these people, anyway?


  1. Why don't you create an account and go trolling? It is not my favorite pastime, but there are those who enjoy it. You could use your real indignation to build an exaggeratedly maniacally pissed off persona. Which might polarize the existing denizens in amusing ways.

  2. I have thought about it. In fact, I'd really enjoy having a troll of my own. I honestly think some of the people on that board are trolls, but fundamentalism satirizes itself so effectively it's a little hard to tell.


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