Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Whole Lotta Ray

People ask me (or rather, I think other people might be thinking this, but it sounds better as "people ask me") why do you spend so much time on Ray Comfort? He's a Liar for Christ(tm), so what?

Ray writes the Way of the Master series. Basically, it's the bible (forgive the sad irony) of turning people into sheeple . . . er, converting people to his particular brand of Christianity. Hang out on a Christian message board, and it will come up. A lot. Ray is perilously close to becoming a false idol for these people. Let's check out Ray lying for christ:

not ray, and atheist commenting on one of ray's posts "If there is an unchanging absolute definition of right and wrong I have never seen it in action. yeah, that's true. murder? what if you were insane at the time? rape? some people have committed rape in their sleep. rare, but it happens. I have heard it talked about but never agreed on. For example homosexuality. One day I predict that your views on homosexuality will be viewed as immoral as those that were once held about slavery." hey, the bible does support slavery, as long as the slaves come from neighboring nations. go get yourselves some canadians while they're still cheap, my USian brethren! Milo

You have a problem when it comes to your moral relativity. this is ray now You can’t use the word "immoral" and it have any real meaning. really, why? language has the amazing quality of flexibility. for example: "pretty". what's pretty to you may not be what's pretty to me. pretty now might not be pretty 20 years from now, and what's pretty when you're 5 may not qualify at 50. yet, if i say something is "pretty", anyone i talk to, whether they share my view of pretty or not, knows what i mean. "immoral" has that same ability. if i tell you that i found someone's actions to be immoral, you know what i mean. you may not agree that they were immoral, but the word does have meaning.

In time your definition shifts with whatever society dictates. no, you have that backwards, ray. society's definition of immoral shifts according to the views of the individuals in society. see: jim crow laws. see: slavery. see: women's suffrage. (all of the preceding were said to be backed up by the bible, by the way. how 'bout that, ray?) If society says that the killing of babies through partial-birth late-term? abortion is moral, then to you it becomes moral. and if god says to commit genocide, including killing every pregnant woman and infant, that makes it moral? what's the difference, ray?

If it says that the killing of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and blacks is good for society, then it becomes good and ethical for you. see: unfortunate nazi reference. atheists are not nazis, ray. Morality and immorality are dictated by your mob-rule philosophy. yeah, ray. i am incapable of thinking for myself. no, wait, that's fundamentalist christians. It is very strange that you say "If there is an unchanging absolute definition of right and wrong I have never seen it in action." Are you saying that you have never seen the result of violation of absolute right and absolute wrong? Then let me point one out to you. A graveyard. That is the violation of right and wrong in action: "The soul that sins shall die” (Ezekiel 18:4). See also Romans 6:23.

Now I'm lost. Does Ray think that all people buried in graveyards were the victims of murders? We bury those who died of cancer, old age, heart failure, kidney failure, liver disease, influenza, meningitis, well, and everything else there, too.

A graveyard is only proof of the statement that, on a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. (I first read this is Fight Club, I have no idea if Pahlaniuk coined the phrase.) Everybody dies, Ray. The only difference between you and I is that you think something happens afterwards. Oh, and I don't spend all my time lying.

Ezekiel 18:4 is interesting, though. Do sinners go to hell or just cease to exist upon death? It's got to be one or the other, it can't be both. Even hell is existence, probably unwanted, after death. Which is it, Ray?

You know, for someone who's always threatening me with hell, Ray's book of fairy tales seems to say I will simply cease to exist, which is what I'm counting on anyway. Rom 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Proper english would be "the wages of sin ARE death". "Wages" is the subject, not "sin", therefore the verb needs to be plural. Whatever.


  1. Ray Comfort is one of the scarier people in the Fundi movement at the moment. When I go to RR I usually feel sorry for the people there, some seem OK just really mislead but people like Ray. These people do more to harm the name of real Christans (the guys who are not trying to kill everyone but the "womb infants") than anyone else. In fact given that they are so anti-Christ's message aren't they just anti-Christs?

  2. wow! somebody else who actually read the bible. antichrist, one guy, is never mentioned. antichrists, plural, are mentioned 4 times in reference to people who are opposite to the teachings of christ. you impress me to no end!

    i truly do feel sorry for the RR people. some of them scare me, though. the hateful things they say about atheists, feminists and, especially muslisms, are appalling.

    real christians, like the slacktivist, are muddied by these people. (the slacktivist, at least, is very aware of this, and none too happy.) i truly have no beef with religion, or the religious, as long as they respect my right to be nonreligious.


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