Friday, January 30, 2009

Anal Sex is Godly?

The fact is, fundamentalist christianity satirizes itself so effectively, that sometimes I can't tell satire from sincere belief. (see: Landover Baptist)

I'm finding it hard to tell if Anal Sex in Accordance with Christ's Will is snark or sincere. If it's snark, it's fucking brilliant. In fact, it's entirely possible that a piece of snark could be encouraging "abstinence only" freaks to be having oral and anal sex, which would be . . . well, that wins right there. My snark doesn't encourage Teh Butt Seks.

On the other hand, if this is sincere, then people are having anal sex under the belief that as long as a penis doesn't get inside a vagina, there's no sex. For the record: anal sex is not chastity. It's freakin' sex. And, how does one encourage anal sex as not sex between a man and a woman, but the greatest of all evuls if it's between a man and a man? (I apologize, clearly the religious right would be capable of that sort of doublethink. They do it every day.)


  1. so... that Landover Baptist - IS it satire? if its not satire, that place is beyond fucked up and has GOT the be THE most offensive church site ever.
    but i am choosing to believe it is satire.

    anal sex. anal sex is sodomy, as is oral sex. it doesn't matter the sexes or genders of the participants - of sodomy is "wrong", then it is "wrong" (i don't think it is wrong. i am against anal sex for me, but i don't care what the hell other people do except for my best friend's not-quite-ex-husband who anally raped her multiple times and caused her some serious, permanent problems. but i like oral sex! erm, TMI...)

    also... i finally broke down and got a google blogger account, on the theory that it will be easier than signing in with LJ every post. just so you know. it's the same denelian, just a different method (at least, if it's actually easier)

  2. yeah, anals not for me, but oral- tie better to receive than to give ;) yeah, landovers satire- the rev is an atheist. Fundys quote him all the time, though

  3. bwahahahahaha! they QUOTE it??

    oh, now THAT'S precious!


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