Monday, March 30, 2009

Eternal Critic Winz Teh Interwebs!

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Eternal Critic, over at One God Further, has the most succinct answer to "morality only comes from god" argument ever.

Atheists often have to argue about the issue of morality and whether or not we require a deity to be moral. The fact that not all gods can exist (as some are dogmatically the only one), and all societies have morals and ethics, how could a wrong god provide morals? Clearly god is not a requirement for this.

Well, duh. I feel silly for not having seen this.


  1. I really should amend that to note that not all societal morals and ethics are uniform to each other.

  2. This only works if you are suggesting that god is necessary for morality in the sense of believing in god. But, they have an alternative meaning that they also like to play with: god is necessary for morality because he beams said morality into people's consciousness whether or not they believe in him. Which, in all honesty, is a pretty god-of-the-gaps-ish explanation for a seemingly innate sense of morality. An "intuition, therefore Jesus" kinda thing.

  3. Me: all human societies forbid murder, lying and stealing because you can't do those things and have a society. this includes societies that were never even possibly exposed to the jewish/christian god.

    Fundy: that's because god puts morals right in your heart.

    me: stop that!


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