Thursday, March 12, 2009

You Make Me Sad

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Once again, somebody else wrote exactly how I feel, thus crystalizing in my mind an idea that had been lurking, amorphously, for quite a while. (I do has luvz for teh interwebs.)

Two comments to the latest Slactivist post captured exactly how I feel about people who say, "I think being gay is a sin, but that doesn't make me a homophobe."

CombatQueer: The Episcopal Church has actually been a wonderful, supporting place for me. Queerness isn't just accepted as a stain on an otherwise good person.

Stephen's reply: Good way of putting it. It's sad how many people I know who don't think of themselves as homophobic because they get along with gay people, but when it comes down to it, they really do see a person's homosexuality as a flaw to be overlooked.

That's it, isn't it? The basic truth. I know that not all homophobes are raving lunatics like Westboro Baptist. In fact, I would guess that plenty of homophobes are otherwise perfectly nice people.

In fact, I feel the same way about these homophobes as they feel about gays. I like you, except for that one flaw, that one stain on an otherwise good person. Such a shame. You make me sad.

You're still bigots.

I know, I know, the bible told you so. The bible says lots of things. In fact, the same section of the bible that condemns homosexual sex also condemns eating shellfish. Do you eat shellfish? How about bacon? Have you ever touched a menstruating woman? All of these things are strictly forbidden in Leviticus.

I'm guessing, in fact, that most people who use that passage in Leviticus to confirm their own squicky feelings about gays, aren't very familiar with everything else that's in Leviticus. Very few people are, outside of Orthodox Jews. After all, it's their rule book.

I'm bound to get this response to the question about shellfish and bacon: God made it okay in the New Testament.

Let's examine that. The reference is to Acts 10, in which Simon who was called Peter is given a vision of unclean foods and told not to call unclean that which god has made clean. And now we can eat bacon.

No. The point of the story is not that pig is tasty. You see, a Roman centurion named Cornelius wished to become a christian. Peter was not inclined to allow this, as Romans, and specifically Roman soldiers, were the ones who tortured and killed his friend. So, he went with the excuse that christianity was for Jews, not Gentiles. Thus god's vision of tasty, Gentile food. (It would've saved us all a lot of trouble if god had just said things, straight out, exactly as he meant them, but no, not yhwh.)

So here we have christians, eating shellfish and pig, wearing fabrics made of two different threads, working on the Sabbath- and clinging to the one verse in Leviticus that works for them.

You make me sad.


  1. i have nothing but rousing endorsement here. nothing to add.

    but thank you for saying it (again)

  2. Does anyone even think of the feelings from a person who is hetero?
    Or a homophobic person, that is scared of gays? Even if you like to put the gay-world like a world of victims and happy flower-guys and girls, it's not like a gay would never attempt criminal acts or discriminte others, too. There are people who got sexually abused by gays and are afraid of them as a result- since they don't want it to happen again to them or their kids. It's the same if you got sexually abused by a hetero; you'll be afraid of sex or have a strange point of view on it and become anti-sexual, sex-obessed or gay out of hate to that other gender.
    And you might forget the fact that sleeping around and especially in gay societys might result in really dangerous diseases like HIV.
    It's not like the bible would be the only argument. I don't want to start with that topic, but you should know, that Christianity were always matched with the people's desires and needs, so that noone would disagree with them. Look at eastern etc.
    If you really want to know what God wants from you and you think he didn't point it out clearly, then research again.
    There is the Koran, the Bible, the Thora and even other sorces.
    The words of God aren't hard to understand, it's our society that's tricky and make the bad stuff looks milky. It's obvious that they try to hide the truth because if we were religious, we wouldn't be slaves of their industries anymore since every monotheistic religion will teach you to be modest and don't waste your money.
    We all got our own mind and opinion to define what's right and wrong.
    But our mind is never prior, since we make errors and are wrong sometimes. People can't know everything but if you see stuff you ignored before your whole point of view could change. People are influenced by words and actions and experiences. So the priority should be reason, and that totally modest and fair, whithout getting our personal feelings too much involved.
    Don't missunderstand me, it's important to fullfill some desires, but there have to be a measure, a line that we shouldn't cross or else we will overdo it, since people tend to be greedy.
    With rationality you might be less sad about that and understand, whose fault it is, that informations are so tricky these days.
    See, I think sexuality should be something privat. I also see is as a sin, because we got responsibility for our bodys and the time we were given here. We got a duty here but we are only busy with fullfilling our desires - no wonder we are in a chaotic world and that people get aggressive, greedy and scared to be left out.
    A gay person probably isn't very fond of heterosex, too. So why shouldn't a hetero person overlook the gay sexuality, too?!
    They are pushing up a problem and make it relevant and important since years over the media and people get weird ideas.
    To focus on sexuality too much will make you sad.
    I wouldn't call a gay who dislikes my sexual practices a "heterophob", too. So, let's be fair?

    P.S: Do you know how I found your blog? I googled "Gays makes me sad". I very very rarely comment on blogs,but your words "a needle's sympathy / the kindness of a gun / the monster in your head / the truth from which you run" were so familiar to me (from myself) that I got interested. When I read what you wrote I felt the urge to tell you what I think, too. Even though this post is old and I don't even know if you still use this blog.


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