Monday, March 30, 2009

Sexism- Alive and Well in Medicine

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You know what Gardisil is, right? That vaccine you give to girls so they don't get HPV, which in turn prevents them from getting cervical cancer later (by later, I mean their 20s) in life?

You remember how every religious crazy in this country suddenly decided that vaccinating girls against HPV would cause them to FUCK EVERY MAN THEY MEET? Because the only thing stopping teenage girls from having nonstop, raucus, perverted group sex was the threat of possibly getting cervical cancer 10 years down the line.

Well, now giving Gardisil to boys is being considered, and nobody's even mentioned that it might make them slutty. All of the sudden, we care about cost effectiveness and safety.

Hey, patriarchy? Yeah. FUCK YOU!


  1. WOW. Do you mind if I rap on this chez moi?

  2. Go for it. I was too angry to do more than scream uselessly at the patriarchy.

  3. i can't be rational on this topic anymore

  4. hey, its not like they blame women for all the ills of humanity. Oh, wait...

  5. don't feel bad, i wasn't too rational about it to begin with. "Fuck you" isn't exactly a shining example of prose or anything.

    It's our vaginas, EC, our vaginas of mass destruction.

  6. I have never understood the its okay for boys to be promiscuous but not girls. I mean who are these boys suppose to be promiscuous with. Thinking about that why do they hate gays, shouldn't boy on boy promiscuity be okay?

  7. Well boy's can't help themselves, they will apparently screw anything with a hole, so of course they need protection.

  8. It would protect girls from orgasms, to be sure. We don't want that, now do we?

  9. I'll repeat this comment that I just left for PF on my own blog:

    If I were a guy I'd take offense that dollars and cents are apparently more important than my penis not getting amputated due to a missed malignancy later in life. So the offense here works both ways. Kind of. Do two loses equal a win? :p

  10. Hey now... female orgasms are a dangerous thing. I've suffered multiple minor injuries from being in close proximity. I can only imagine what the less prepared might suffer.

  11. Well, now, CN, if the boy weren't screwing sluts, he wouldn't be having that problem, now would he?

    As for you, EC, where do you live? I'm buying a plane ticket.

  12. I am a Californian surviving in Austin Texas. Oddly I will be in PA for about 2 days in May. Small world. You're not anywhere near Elizabethtown I'd bet though.

  13. hahaha!
    back when having sex wasn't a huge painful ordeal... i was one of those who passed out the injuries along with my orgasms
    erm. TMI and all. i miss my sex life :(

    PF: the reason i can't be rational, two reasons really.
    one: one of my best friends had cervical cancer. they did a couple rounds of "torture the patient", and thus far it appears that they got it all. she got the cancer from HPV - HPV she got from a girl she dated for a long time. the girl didn't tell my friend when she found out she had HPV, because she wanted my friend to get it, because it turns out this girl actually hated my friend. its one of those soap-opera level dramas.

    the second reason is my youngest sister. my stupid ass blonde sister, whom i raised until 6, then got again when she was 16. this girl is STUPID. really really stupid. as soon as i got her i said "depo or norplant?" because she had called me ON HER 12TH BIRTHDAY WORRIED SHE WAS PREGNANT.
    so. she got depo, and 200 condoms. 200 more when she turned 17, 200 more at 18. she moved out at 18 (her choice, we didn't want her to move) and a MONTH LATER WAS PREGNANT. she got pregnant THE VERY DAY SHE MOVED OUT. she claims it was deliberate.
    anyway, she has 2 kids. my mother has custody of them. because my sister will not work. WILL not. and she thinks she's pregnant again. she can get any, ANY BC she wants FOR FREE (she can get her tubes tied for free! i can't get mine tied at all, no one will do it bcuz i haven't had kids... you've heard this before)
    and she? about a year ago, was diagnosed with HPV. wouldn't go in and get the stuff done for months. and SHE GOT GARDASIL. FREE
    i am so fucking bitter i could SPIT.
    *I*, who am totally clean, cannot get the damned thing because i am 32. but her, who won't use a condom PERIOD, csn get it AFTER she gets HPV? (yes, i know, it will protect her from other strands, and yes i love my sister, i am just pissed that no one will give it to me)

    so that was long a ranty, no?

    i totally agree with boys getting the vaccine. because girls get HPV from boys (even in my friend's case, the girl she got it from got it from a boy. and, erm, artificial penii are still penii, right?)
    i think the damned thing should be mandatory. the reason there is ANY issue is, as you said, because its a "Girl's vaccine" - and girls are worth less and if a girl needs the vaccine its because she's a fucking whore and so is worth even LESS. *rage*
    anyway, yeah, can't be logical about it. i'm with you. *FUCK THEM*
    then make it mandatory (hell, if EVERY guy got it, NO GIRLS would EVER get HPV. well, almost none. its just a thought. but that would require that women *not* be the "gatekeepers of sexuality", and we can't have that, can we? grrrrrrrr)

  14. But, PF, if boys are just MADE to screw with no one batting an eyelash, then what are we to do with the GIRLS? Oh, that's right: put them in burkas (or at least skirts; you know, so they only perform "feminine" activities) and leave a few lone sluts wandering around to serve as examples. Because that system has worked so well for the last 3,900 years. (I'm sorry, how old is the Earth again?)

  15. "It is a beatitude unto Nuggan that a woman shall wear her hair short, lest she inflame the passions of men."
    -- Living Testement of Nuggan [Paraphrased]

  16. "don't feel bad, i wasn't too rational about it to begin with. "Fuck you" isn't exactly a shining example of prose or anything."

    I personally thought that was about the only rational response you could have to this bullshit.

  17. Elizabethtown: over 100 miles from my location.

    I am, apparently, not inflaming the passions of men.

    I knew a woman that found out she had cervical cancer during her first pregnancy visit. it was a race to the finish line to see which would happen first- baby being born, or cancer reaching an untreatable phase. The baby's fine, but she's not having any more.

    My SIL got pregnant at 13, delivered at 14. As soon as she delivered, it was depo. We did not leave it up to her. You get one free baby-raising out of me, after that, you're on your on.

  18. "Elizabethtown: over 100 miles from my location."

    I kinda figured, considering there's -nothing- near Elizabethtown. Except the Amish I guess.


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