Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meanwhile, at the Intersection of Atheism and Feminism

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  1. I finally got to use ROFLMFVO. (Rolling on the floor, laughing my fucking vagina off)

  2. White, Straight Male in a “Feminist’s World
    John Maszka

    Once again, she ignores me—calling on everyone else, just not me.
    She waits for someone else to speak…Anyone at all; as long as they’re female or gay or a different color than me. Even when she acknowledges me, she tells me to wait and then never allows me to speak.
    I don’t know why I even try.
    I’m invisible and yet still, she targets me with isolation.
    She’s obviously very angry,
    Her passive-aggression gives her away.
    “Did you have your hand up?” She asks the others but never me.
    “Do you have something to add?” Words I’ll never hear.
    Not here anyway.
    My opinion is not welcome.
    I’m a white, male—
    And heterosexual too!
    I might as well be a leper!
    Ostracized by the “feminist” who claims to champion the unempowered;
    but she uses her position of power to oppress and silence.
    Her thin veil of hypocrisy, yellow like her teeth, barely conceals her cowardice.
    Are you the “son of a Swan?”
    or the abandoned offspring of a harpy?
    The goddess Diana resents your name.
    You preach about ethics, but look what you do.
    You’re not a feminist, you’re a liar—and the worst kind…
    Pretending to be a victim as you wipe the blood from your lips.

  3. um... wow

    white hetero male priviledge in VERSE.

    what a waste of talent.

    i sit in class every day ignored by my professors in favor of male (or even NO) voices.

    i have trouble feeling for a man because he is white, straight and male, and must see other people be picked as often as he is. does he even realize the level of marginalization that happens to women, gays and minorities? of course not. all he sees is that he doesn't get more attention than anyone else.

    and what the hell is "the son of a swan"? a gay guy? thats just fucking rude, if so.

  4. Didn't you mean to sarcastiquote that talent?

    "Son of a swan" might be a reference to Zeus, who once seduced a woman while in the form of a swan. (Greeks were WEIRD.)

    All in all, I'm not tempted to parse it too much. Try being a woman, asshat. Try being a disabled atheist woman. That's even more fun.

  5. well...
    if he had a decent subject, i think he could be a decent poet. i DO think that its a waste that instead of using his talent for something worthwile, he is wasting it bitching about how his privilege is less than he thinks it should be.

    i don't know if i should have sarcastiquoted "talent". i can see arguments both ways...

    wasn't the offspring of Zeus, as a swan, Helen of Troy? how is that a "son"? i, too, immediately jumped to that myth, but i can't make it line up.
    as well,


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