Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Christian Appreciation Day

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I would like to clarify something. If you are the majority, you are not being oppressed or persecuted. If you are a part of the majority, and believe you are being oppressed and persecuted, you don't have any idea what those words mean. I suggest a visit to the Holocaust Museum, for starters.

What set me off is a comment to an equally irrational post:

I don’t want to sound like an elitist, but THIS is why I homeschool!! Obviously, that route is not for everyone, but this is the reason I shudder at the thought of public school. My kindergartner does not need to be subjected to this kind of social garbage. He is not old enough to have to decide who is right, his parents or his teachers/peers. Why can’t they* back off, and just promote a general respect for all human beings, without promoting specific social lifestyles? They want to scream inequality, but can you imagine the outcry if there were a “Christian Appreciation Day” where we celebrated all the famous christians of our nation, and openly taught basic christian principles? That would NEVER fly. Tell me who’s being oppressed, and who’s being celebrated? They might be the minority in numbers, but when it comes to social acceptance, they’re allowed to do just about anything they want.

*"They" is the gays, with their desire for equality. It's outrageous!

Here's a clue for you, asshat. EVERY day in the US is "Christian Appreciation Day". Every damn day. "Basic christian principles"? Go to any public square, any courthouse, and you'll see some kind of christian display. Pull the money out of your pocket- that's got a christian display on it. Your high holy days are national fucking holidays. Any candidate for presidency must- MUST- prove his christian credentials if they hope to get anywhere at all.

We don't have Christian Appreciation Day for the same reason we don't have "White Heterosexual Male Anglo Saxon Protestant Day." Because it would be redundant.


  1. o add to your astute observation, the commenter also said:

    "My kindergartner does not need to be subjected to this kind of SOCIAL GARBAGE" (emphasis added).

    Ah, so promoting tolerance is "social garbage"? Okay. It's precisely because of attitudes like that why LGBT kids should have a "special" day. A-der der der.

  2. "How dare you make my child kind towards those I hate? How dare you!"

    Some people shouldn't breed.


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