Friday, March 6, 2009


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I installed the lijit widget the other day (you may have noticed it on top of my blogroll), and I have to say, it's at least amusing.

I can see on a world map where my viewers came from in the last 24 hours. Those in the US were certainly no surprise, but I never even heard of Shah Alam, Selangor, MY. , or Roxas, Isabela, PH(Hello to you!) I have certainly heard of Shanghai and Seoul, but didn't expect readers from either city. (And hello to you!) I also wanted to give a shoutout to my one European reader, from Rennes, Ille-et-vilaine, FR!

I also get a list of what searches led people to my blog, and they are interesting to say the least.

1. evident
2. "andy the atheist"
3. "end the lies"
4. "marcio miranda" idiot
5. 10 commandments of hell
does anyone have these?
6. darwin theory sucks I don't think they got what they came for on my blog.
7. disturbing fake pictures
8. millenial reign sex from what I understand, there is none
9. most disturbing novel hell

and my absolute, wins it all, personal favorite:

10. poems of accidents involving pancakes on ppancake [sic] day

so, there you have it. my readers are way more interesting than me.


  1. I just got one too because I noticed it on your site. I'm glad you explained what it was or I wouldn't have bothered and it looks fun!
    I'm such a follower, hahah.

  2. I got it because I saw it on someone else's blog!

    I really like the interactive map, though.

  3. Yeah I really enjoy looking through the searches that led people to my blog too.

    Personal favorites:

    "hairy women dwarves"
    "enormous waffle"
    "preteen model naked"
    "real jesus open your own bank"
    "hiv is a cure for homosexuality"

  4. Your French reder must be me, even though I'm mile from Rennes. I guess the IPS routes me through god-knows-where.

    I'm actually near Angouleme, which is a little bit North-East of Bordeaux

  5. Haha, the pancakes one is classic. I think I want to install something like that too!

  6. LOL!!! hairy women dwarves LOL!!!

    Hi, Stew! France, so cool! (Though being a typically ignorant USian, unless you're in Paris, I'm clueless.)

  7. you are officially Cool By Association

    (not with me! i am UnCool, the very definition of lol)


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