Monday, March 23, 2009

The Bill O'Reilly Squad

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Bill O'Reilly's method of silencing critics is unacceptable and (should be if it isn't already) illegal.

Here and here.

In case you're too lazy to click:

To summarize, if you follow Brad Pitt with a camera for two hours and shout obnoxious questions at him, Bill O'Reilly thinks you're the "scum of the earth." If you follow Amanda Terkel with a camera for two hours and shout obnoxious questions at her, Bill O'Reilly thinks you're a patriot on the Fox News payroll.

It's worth noting, of course, that O'Reilly has a goal here, and it's not limited to bullying and corporate-sponsored stalking. Ultimately, I suspect the goal is to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation -- don't criticize O'Reilly, or he might send some people to your home.

Under no circumstances is this acceptable.


  1. Jesus fuck.

    that is dirty. that is mudsling-ly dirty.

    fuck him. he has ALWAYS blamed the victim. our entire CULTURE is based around blaming the victim when it comes to sexual and domestic violence.

    if a man cannot control himself in the presense of a mini-skirt, then he is not an ADULT (and, i would argue, i not HUMAN), or he is at least MUCH too mentally ill to be allowed to wander the streets accosting women. period. there is NEVER a good reason to rape a woman. i don't care if she is FUCKING NAKED. its something you are taught in goddamned PRE SCHOOL - don't take what belongs to other people, don't hurt them, don't force them to do things.

    if a man cannot learn to not do this, he isn't much of a man. and he deserves a hell of a lot more than a slap on the wrist and then being told by the media that it was his VICTIMS fault.

  2. Jon Stewart did this awhile ago, the hypocrisy on Faux News is amazing.

  3. Exactly. It doesn't matter what I wear, or how I act, or what reputation I have, etc. Rape is the rapist's fault, not the victim's. To say that the victim is at fault is to paint men as sad little creatures that cannot control themselves any better than a two year old- no, scratch that, 2 year olds know better than that.

    I should be able to walk around naked and not be touched. (I would have accept looks, however. Can't help looking.)

  4. if i were a guy, i would TOTALLY RESENT all the implications of our rape culture. do these guys (the guys who say "its not rape, its her fault for doing "X") NOT GET that they are being told that they have no agency, no will, no intelligence, no brain? do they not see the insult?
    or is it ok to be insulted so long as you can get off?

  5. Guys totally do get it. Whenever I do a post about a guy complaining that strong, independent women have ruined the planet, a whole bunch of guys jump in and start hollering about how THEY like strong women and THEY are not little children and THEY have egos that can take a little poking.

    In my experience men get MORE pissed about this than women.

  6. " a whole bunch of guys jump in and start hollering about how THEY like strong women and THEY are not little children and THEY have egos that can take a little poking."


    Also: I thought men were supposed to be attracted to virginal and/or mysterious women, and not just ones who dress in a revealing fashion? Kinda ushers the "blame the victim" thing out of a third story window when you mention that men can be just as attracted to a woman covered from the head to toe in clothing as one in a bikini. And, then you can bring into this that rape victims range from toddlers to octogenarians and suddenly factoring in miniskirts seems a bit...stupid.

  7. Yeah I was going to chime in and recommend the Jon Stewart video on the Daily Show where he highlights O'Reilly's hypocrisy, but BeamStalk beat me to it.

    Damn you, Beamy!

  8. Oh, yeah, it's the drunken miniskirt, except when it's an 80 year old, or a toddler, or a woman in a burqa, or a nun.

    Hey Bill: stop excusing rapists! It says really disturbing things about you that should possibly be investigated.


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