Monday, March 23, 2009

Ode to My Puppy


  1. this is new puppy?

    ooooooooooh! kawai! (too much anime, damnit! next i'm going to be calling your dog Moe, and that NEVER ends well...)

    name! name!

  2. Old puppy, but much loved.

    I call him Mo. And Boops. And Boopie Bear. And Bear Bear.

    His name is Muggsy, but I didn't name him. If I named him, his name would be Maximillian. Or Bacon.

  3. Bacon! what a wonderful name!

    he looks so sweet. i bet he's great to curl up with; i bet he's great at keeping your feet warm!

  4. He's funny in that he always wants to lay on something. He'll lay on the rug instead of the floor. If there's a blanket or pillow on the rug, he'll curl up entirely onto that, even if it's a tiny pillow.

    The bed is his promised land. I don't usually let him sleep on the bed though, because I wake up unable to breathe because I have a 100lb dog curled up on my back.


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