Monday, March 16, 2009

I Live Over 100 Miles From the Nearest Ocean

And those things are called "seagulls".


  1. Heh. I had to explain to the kid not to long ago why sea gulls were flying around over the store parking lot. She now believes that we are close to the ocean, even though we are in PA and a state away from the ocean.
    Gross birds.

  2. That picture doesn't even cover it. There were literally hundreds of them blanketing half the Target parking lot- and they wouldn't get out of the way for cars.

    I felt like getting out of the car with a map and explaining something to them.

  3. Same here, just in a Giant parking lot. I realise that they are scavengers, but there are so many of them inland this year. It's kind of freaking me out.

  4. I think it's either climate change or Ragnorak.

  5. "Giant"?

    does lend credence to the Ragnorak theory. but what IS this Gisnt?
    Giant Eagle? or what?

  6. *giggle* we have giants, here, too. It's a supermarket. but, you put our experiences together, and you get "Giant Target".

    were aliens involved?

  7. hahaha! giant aliens!

    erm. that probably wasn't where you were going with that...


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