Monday, March 2, 2009

Just Doesn't Get It

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or, Arguments So Flawed, It's Hard to Know Where to Begin.

The Atheist and His Atheism there are female atheists, you know. i'm one of them.

by Jasmine

Atheism is defined by Webster’s New World Dictionary as, “1. the belief that there is no God, or denial that God or gods exist. 2. godlessness”.

hey look, the christian owns a dictionary! she must be smart or something! i'm sorry, but is there anyone confused about what atheism is that will be helped by the dictionary?

An atheist, therefore, is a person who believes that there is no God. But what does the Bible say?

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.

well, if we're playing the Irrelevant Quotes Game, I've got one: "That's five, motherfucker!"

Atheism is a belief system that ardently denies the existence of God. no, i just lack a belief in god. i'm ardent about what an asshat you are, though. i'm also feeling rather ardent about [censored], but that's a whole 'nother story . . . God calls the atheist a FOOL. people who believe make fun of people who don't, even thousands of years ago? will wonders never cease! Many atheists spend much time and effort attempting to "disprove" i'm going to write a Prop outlawing sarcastiquotes. honestly. that links to "God Is". in case the mere mention of the word "disprove" might make your faith waver, I suppose. that God exists. According to Romans chapter 1 they know that He exists again, using your holy book to refute what i tell you about myself is arrogant, stupid and intellectually lazy, but they want to control their own lives and not submit to the Lord. oh yeah. i bet you ask the lord's permission before you burp. the fact of the matter is, since god ain't sending you emails telling you exactly what to do today, you're controlling your life, too. i'm just more honest about it. They are actually rather tragic figures just like any other unsaved individual. tragic? pity the poor atheist? why? we act the same as you. we're better at marriage. where's the pity coming from again? It is hard to live out their atheism other than dealing with asshats like you, it's easy to be an atheist. it's not easy to admit that you believed in a fairy tale, but once you get past that, it's not hard.–if they did, they’d actually be considered crazy like O’Hair was. i think she's referring to Madalyn Murray O'Hair, and i don't appreciate "crazy" being used that way. mental illness is a serious disease. asshat.

The atheist’s RELIGION (which is simply a system of beliefs based on a philosophy then it's not a freakin' religion is it? or are you saying that your religion and my atheism are equal?) of atheism is simply a way to try to block out and override the truth–the ol’ ostrich-head-in-the-sand technique: prove to me what the "truth" is, and maybe we'd be having a conversation. as it is, you're just making fun of me.
If you try to tell ‘em the truth, they say “Shut up!”stick their heads in the ground and shout– “There’s nobody there,there’s nobody there,there’s nobody there, I tell you!See, I can’t see ‘em!” have you ever met anyone who ever did this? i have actual arguments, and apply real logic to these situations. she's just being childishly insulting.

Well, atheist reader, Somebody is there and His truth has stood from the beginning of time and will continue for all eternity. could you please give me an argument? God is not dependent on you in any way. i never said he was. what are you talking about? Blasphemies, wars, famines, and political appointments

stop right there. she puts blasphemy, war, famine and political appointments in the same category? (what they have to with anything is beyond me.) so, taking a nonexistent person's name in vain, the deaths of millions of innocents, the deaths of millions of innocents and politics are equal to this asshat?

come and go, but when the dust settles, there’s Jesus. where? And there is nothing you can do about it but breathe out hot air. what the fuck. You will humble yourself before the Lord Jesus or you will be ground to powder. or i'll go home and [censored] myself silly. yeah, i'll do that.

And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder. –Jesus ChristMatthew 21:44 according to that quote, i have a choice between being broken or being ground to powder. which one of those is supposed to be appealing?

Most atheists have what I call the Don Quixote Syndrome. Let me explain. Cervantes wrote a book about Don Quixote a long time ago. headdesk. HEADDESK. in a land far, far away. Don Quixote would attack windmills as if they were his enemies. Of course a windmill is nobody’s enemy. i can't even deal with this butchering of a beautiful classic. If what the atheist believes is REALLY his belief, then he would leave people like me alone. we do, asshat. it's you who won't leave us alone. when was the last time an atheist went door to door to spread atheism? when was the last time an atheist left atheist literature in bathrooms and vending machines? publishing books about atheism is not attacking theists. After all, if God did not exist, He and His followers would be no enemy to the atheist. can you read what you've written? We’d just be deluded people. i'll go with that. Therefore IF the atheist REALLY believes there is no God and the fool see, right there. ad hom attack. against the people she accuses of attacking her. asshat. attacks a Christian, then he has the Don Quixote Syndrome because the Christian is not his enemy. Nevertheless, God is real and THAT is why atheists have all these organizations and debates to “prove” that God does not exist. you could not possibly go from the made up "don quixote syndrome" to god exists in such a way as to use the word "nevertheless" properly. Atheist reader, if you would just be true to what you purport to believe, then you wouldn’t have the Don Quixote Syndrome. so you want me to sit down, shut up and take being called a fool? sorry, no.

My old pastor once ministered to an old atheist who had been a card-carrying atheist for decades what? i missed out on jackboots and cards? –but as he laid on his death bed, he wanted a pastor. I don’t know if he got saved or not. When it’s time to die, many atheists are understandably uneasy and those that aren’t should be terrified. many christians and other theists are also uneasy when they die. the great unknown and all that.

There is hope for the atheist. He can be saved. and i'm bothering her. In fact, there are plenty of atheists that have come to Jesus Christ. there are plenty of christians who have become atheists, too. I refuse to argue with them are the words she's already written invisible to her?, but will answer honest questions. honestly, how stupid are you? Unfortunately, many atheists ignorantly say hard things oh my, that was just unfortunate. hard things. against the Lord Jesus Christ and His people. it's okay for her to say "hard things" about me, but it's terrible of me to say "hard things" about her. Don’t let fancy titles and big words book learnin'! shake your faith in the One who holds your eternal destiny.

Think about this: What does the atheist have to offer you? what does any person have to offer another? companionship, friendship, love, understanding, conversation, kindness, etc. Eternal life? no such thing. Spiritual comfort? can't help you there. Love? of course. Kindness? absolutely Comfort in the midnight hour when no one is around? if i'm not around, i can't help you. neither can anyone else who isn't around. No, none of these. He has nothing to offer you but blashpemy, hellfire and the wrath of God. The atheist will tell you fabulous fairy tales like
you were spontaneously generated from a rock,a monkey is your daddy,a fish is your cousin,you have no hope,you should just live for today,when you’re dead, you’re dead.
that's so freakin' ignorant, i'm not even trying.

If you follow their ignorant advice and die without Christ, you WILL forever regret it and you will remember that someone told you the truth and you scoffed. you'll see! you'll see i was right all along! you'll ALL see!
Atheists try their hardest to argue a fact that is firmly established–God is real. you haven't established anything. You cannot look on His creation and its ways and honestly deny it. creator proves creation proves creator proves creation. welcome to the least logical thought everh. I won’t argue that 2+2=4 and I won’t argue that God exists. those two ideas are in no way equal An atheist once wrote and said, “2+2 is not necessarily 4″. Well, write any other number on your math test and see if you get it right. first of all, i have no idea when 2 and 2 aren't 4, but this is an appeal to authority and it's not valid reasoning.

The bottom line is that atheism is a false belief system composed of fools–it’s not new–the Bible told us about atheism thousands of years ago. wow, people are the same as they were a few thousand years ago. amazing!Is there a real atheist? No. but it's in the bible! the bible is wrong. The closest thing to it is someone who has told themselves a lie so many times that they begin to believe it’s true. like jasmine.


  1. I like the policy of replying to idiocy with Irrelevant Quotes (TM). I fully endorse this policy and plan to adopt it myself. A small supply of (in)appropriate quotes will be therefore selected and deployed wherever possible. I think a well-timed "Kakolukia!" would forestall any number of stupid rants.

    Also, Jasmine may be fond of Psalms 14:1, but seems to have missed Matthew 5:22:

    But anyone who says, 'You fool!' will be in danger of the fire of hell.

  2. I do so enjoy quoting video games at people who quote the bible at me. It really pisses off the people who figure out what I'm doing.

  3. Hey ther!

    Nice site! lol..I am not an atheist but I don't agree with the normal explanations of God either..Any good articles that you would recommend?

    ~ESZ, James

  4. hmmmm . . . so you're basically an areligionist? you know, i don't know. most atheists are antireligion to one degree or another, but we're not protesting religion's explanation of god, we're just tired of being smacked around.

    have you checked out the slacktivist? today's post was pretty amazing, as was the one before that. the slacktivist is a christian, but i definitely think he leans toward areligionism.

    i have a friend who is convinced yhwh (the god of the abrahamic religions) was an alien, or perhaps a race of aliens. i've also toyed with the idea that the old testament is actually a corrupted-by-time-and-loss-of-knowledge account of an extremely advanced culture that destroyed itself, or just left the planet. when i realized that explanation was no nuttier than any actual religion's explanation, i was done with religion.

  5. wait:

    you sating the holy bibble can make Star Gatrs?



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