Monday, March 2, 2009

Love is Okay if You're Not Gay

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Answering Advocates of Gay Marriage, by Katherine Young and Paul Nathanson, outs the Catholic Church's true objections to gay marriage: it's all Teh Evul Gay.

Claim 2: Not all straight couples have children, but no one argues that their marriages are unacceptable:

Actually, that is an oversimplification. Some religious traditions, for instance, have given childless couples the possibility of divorce or annulment. Besides, marriage can function in additional ways (one of them being companionship) and can express additional ideals (the most obvious one being love). Consequently, these traditions do not insist that childless couples separate. Instead, they maintain what they consider the one distinctive ideal of marriage without punishing those who fail to attain it. The latter are exceptions. This institution has always been intended primarily, however, to serve the needs of children. It provides an ideal scenario for parents and children. Not every individual or individual couple lives up to the ideal, of course, but the ideal remains effective nonetheless — except, of course, in societies that are breaking up.

So, it's okay to be married for love, as long as it's not gay love. I do enjoy a little honesty with my bigotry.


  1. *sigh*

    I may be a Christian, but I still believe that marriage should be a legal contract available to ANY two consenting adults, regardless of sex.

  2. yeah, the unintentional honesty of that was pretty amazing.

  3. *wordless rage*

    thats all i got.

    except, Hi, Lindsay! i think i like you (in a non-creepy way). i tend to like Christians who are, well, Christian :p

  4. I know, I like Lindsey, too! She's like Fred Clark (the slacktivist)- a christian who actually seems to have paid attention to what Yeshua said. Since Yeshua said lots of really good things, like "you must help the poor" and "don't judge", I like that in a person.

  5. i have this little fantasy, of my afterlife (what i'm going to do while i'm waiting for my next life, which by the Danue (goddess) pay attention i want to LIVE IN THE MOON NEXT TIME. oh, right... topic)
    anyway, my little fantasy is this. round up all the fundy assholes EVER. sit them in a stadium. bring Jesus out to speak, along with Budda and Chrishna and Gahndi and... i dunno, a couple of other REALLY famous messiac-figures. give the audience like ten mininutes to try and figure out which one is their Jebus (hint, he's the Jew. no, the OTHER Jew. he's a rabbi.)

    there's this really funny book,called "Waiting for the Galactic Bus". so, some millions of years ago, aliens who are not physical (they have evolved to beings of energy) were partying after they graduated from college. two of them, brothers, were left on Earth as a prank. but everyone else was drunk when they left, and forgot where Earth was.
    so the brothers... "experimented" with the local hominids.

    fast forward to today. one of them runs "heaven", the other "hell". not because they are gods, but because these people they developed had this unexplained quirk, and kept living after death, it was very unprecidented, so they developed places for those souls to live in. the brother in heaven is CONSTANTLY dodgin St. Augustine, who keeps demandind to meet Jesus. but everytime Jesus tries to talk to him, Augustine screams at him to "go away, you dirty Jew! i'm just here waiting for my Lord and Savior, and i don't want him see me with a dirty Jew"

    Jesus is constantly amazed and amused by this.

    all these fundys are in for a SHOCK when they meet Jesus. who is JEWISH. not the jewish we know in New York who are blonde - he looks like a bloody ARAB thats how Jewish he is.

    i just wanna be there when they meet their Jewish Jesus.

    sigh. its a bitchy wish. on the other hand, its nowhere NEAR THIER fantasies, of watching me be tortured for eternity.

  6. I like to tell fundys that Jesus looked like Saddam Hussein. It's a good time.


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