Friday, March 27, 2009

It Wasn't So Much the Post . . .

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Ray Comfort is back from New Zealand, and his Raytards(tm) are back from . . . well, wherever it is they go when they're not making the world's most ludricrous comments. (I suspect insane asylums, or John Birch Society meetings.)

Ray's most recent post is nowhere near as amusing as the comments of some of his Raytards(tm), but I don't have room for all of them, so we'll confine ourselves to examining the work of Vera, of VeraandDoug.

This all begins with a comment by Steven J, he of the patience of 20, nay, 100 men.

Ray, you don't argue as though you're seriously trying to persuade us. You gratuitously insult us in petty ways, which is not normally considered an optimum approach for winning hearts and minds. But of course, that you insult us does not show that you're wrong.

Vera responds with:


Jesus offended people, Steven. (gratuitous overuse of a person's name is never a good sign.)In fact, I was thinking about that the other day. really? wow. The question was asked, "If Jesus were standing here, how would you react?" most christians would say how happy they would be by meeting their savior, but vera takes a slightly different tack. I was thinking that I probably would be offended by some of the things He might say such as my saying, "I'm going to first go bury my parents." what situation does she imagine her savior walking into? He says, "Let the dead bury their own dead." is jesus referencing zombies, or am i not reading this right? if the messiah is referencing zombies, maybe someone should clue him in to the fact that zombies are rarely ever known for burying the dead. eating the dead, yes. Or how about insinuating that I'm a dog. wtf?! Would I have the faith to say, "Yes, but even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the Master's table." okay, I do know the verse here, but . . . oh forget it. The Bible says that the preaching of the gospel is an offense and foolishness to those who are perishing. wait for it . . . There isn't any way to rectify that because sin is the problem and sin has to be repented of. yup, vera just said right out that evangelism (Ray's stock and trade) is entirely pointless. will that stop her? of course not! There will never be a compromise on this....ever.

Vera then attempts to debate Steven J on evolution, which is a really good way to make yourself look stupid. And moving on:

Steven J (to Ray) You're self-indulgent, careless, and lazy in your arguments.

That wasn't very nice to say. You just said Jesus was offensive to people, Vera. Apparently, Steven J was just being Christlike. Is that not exactly what you claim that Ray does. Perhaps you are personifying your own faults onto Ray. People have a tendency to do this. Says the woman who regularly calls atheists "hateful sinners".

Steven J.: You can't count on everyone in your audience being as impressed by those traits as, say, Terry Burton is. If you're really trying to persuade us, then you ought to try much harder to actually understand the ideas you argue against. And if you're not trying to persuade us, assuming that it's entirely up to us (and not at all dependent on the arguments and evidence you produce) whether we believe you, then it's hard to see what connection your posting and preaching has to your alleged concern for us. I am terribly confused by this as well. Ray has to know, HAS TO KNOW, that this isn't working. I spent an entire day on his site reading posts and comments (do not try that at home, kids) and have yet to see one conversion. And you just know that if somebody did convert due to Ray's website, there'd be a freakin' parade. So, why does Ray do this?

There will never be a conciliation between us in that way. Then Why. Fucking. Bother. and Leave. Us. Alone. and Shut. The. Fuck. Up. We know that God created the heavens and the earth. good for you- what does that have to do with anything? More information is coming in every day to show how He did it. what information? All of it points to the biblical account. no, it doesn't, just ask Stev- oh, never mind. We know God because He set us free from sin. That's amazingly circular. And I bet you still sin. What about you? I don't think you have any idea what freedom is, but whatever. Vera

See, it's not just Ray that's good for a few laughs.


  1. You know... i stopped reading Ray's blog because i realized it was pointless. But every once in a while a bit of gold sifts out of it.

  2. ...and his Raytards(tm) are back from . . . well, wherever it is they go when they're not making the world's most ludricrous comments.

    I have a suspicion who could hide behind the Raytards ;)
    Not Vera, though. Nobody could be that poe-ish.

  3. I just glanced at Ray's site. Apparently he has decided that his "God's banana" video was in fact an intentional parody. A parody of what is unknown, so we are reasonably left to believe that the evidence against such an absurd claim has forced him to cowardly recant his "wise teachings" and relabel them a joke. Sorry Ray, you're a little late to that party.

    Kudos to you for reading his crap, I don't have the stomach for his disingenuous pontificating.

    As always,
    Super J.

  4. Vera admitting that she just likes to tell people exactly what it is about them god hates, is too precious!

  5. I think misspelling "inventer (sic)" is pretty damned amusing.

  6. I have a few ideas why Ray keeps doing this, but they run toward the sado-masochistic vein. I think Ray loves to be put down, just like a lot of these fundies.

  7. Yeah, has anyone bothered to inform Ray that in order to be performing parody, there has be something that came first, i.e. Yankovic's "I'm Fat" in parody of Michael Jackson's "I'm Bad"?

    Anna Sethe: Speaking of Poe's Law, I saw someone on the Rapture Ready message boards going on about the wonderful sermon they saw on the Landover Baptist site. Poe's Law in action!

  8. *Christian pokes athiest for an hour until the atheist grabs his stick and breaks it* "Stop persecuting me!"


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