Saturday, March 14, 2009


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Please read the fascinating story of a woman who once led the Quiverfull movement, and has since left.

If you're feeling lazy, I think this paragraph sums up how the movement feels about the women who sacrifice so much to make it happen:

Garrison complied. She'd had her first three children by cesarean section, but after coming to the Quiverfull conviction, she was swayed by the movement's emphasis on natural (even unassisted home) birth. During one delivery, she suffered a partial uterine rupture and "felt like I'd been in a major battle with Satan, and he'd just about left me dead." The doctor who treated Garrison lectured her for an hour not to conceive again, but she felt that stopping on her own would be rebellion. When she turned to her leaders for inspiration, she received a bleak message: that if she died doing her maternal duty, God would care for her family. For six months, she couldn't look at the baby without crying.

I love a movement that puts men in no danger at all, why decrying the women who refuse to die for patriarchy.

Also visit Garrison's blog and offer her some atheist cookies.


  1. I've been over there reading it and it is seriously amazing. Thanks for showing me it.

  2. I like that my blog can be a sort of clearinghouse for other peoples' amazingness. Have you checked out the Accidental Historian yet (on my blogroll)?

  3. their stories made me cry.

    i am lighting candles for them. and have commented to them.


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