Thursday, March 19, 2009

Walrus Does Not Like the BBW's*

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The Playful Walrus is at it again! Only this time it's not teh gayz- it's fat, ugly feminists! Is no one safe from The Judgey Walrus? (I have to wonder what this asshat looks like. Suggestions welcome.)

Associated Press Medical Writer Mike Stobbe reported, prompted by a CDC report found here.

While it shows the U.S. population is more than replacing itself, a healthy trend, the teen birth rate was up for a second year in a row. Wait, does this mean no more Demographic Winter, or are there too many brown babies in this study?

While it sounds bad that the teen birth rate was up, the article goes on to say point out that the birth rate was up in general. maybe the teen birth rate was up because of abstinence only training? it's been proven that doesn't work.

The birth rate rose slightly for women of all ages, and births to unwed mothers reached an all-time high of about 40 percent, continuing a trend that started years ago. More than three-quarters of these women were 20 or older.

Which means that almost 25% were 19 or younger. i'm impressed. walrus subtracted 75 from 100 and got 25. let's give him a round of applause!

For a variety of reasons, it's become more acceptable for women to have babies without a husband, said Duke University's S. Philip Morgan, a leading fertility researcher. you just know that's going to set an opiner off.

It helps keep sperm banks in business and is one reason I plead with men to never, ever donate sperm. because married couples in which the wife is fertile, but the man's sperm isn't doing anything never, ever use sperm banks. ever. sperm banks are only used by evil, single feminists and lesbians.

Even happy couples may be living together without getting married, they might be, we don't know. duh. experts say. And more women — especially those in their 30s and 40s — are choosing to have children despite their single status. countdown to the opine misogyny explosion in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

If a woman doesn't have the time or personality or patience to find, attract, and keep a man she is willing to marry (or a man who will at least have sex with her), should she really be a child's only parent?

that's right. if you're not angelina jolie, you have no business ever being within 5 feet of a child. unmarried women are all ugly and mean. and probably lesbians anyway. in fact, i'm willing to bet that anyone that wouldn't fuck walrus is a lesbian by definition. boy, my hubby is going to be really disappointed when he finds out i'm a lesbian.

Walrus, you just don't like women. I'm not saying you're gay, I'm just saying you clearly do not like women. You are a misogynist of Limbaugh proportions. And possibly dimensions, but I don't really know.

Meanwhile, U.S. abortions dropped to their lowest levels in decades, according to other reports.


Some have attributed the abortion decline to better use of contraceptives, but other experts have wondered if the rise in births might indicate a failure in proper use of contraceptives. Some earlier studies have shown declining availability of abortions.

I don't think I've ever heard in recent decades, from an anonymous source or otherwise, "I wanted to get an abortion, but I couldn't find a place where I could get one." Please. There are people out there willing to fly you somewhere and pay for it. as if anyone would suggest to an opiner that they desired, or even worse, had obtained, an abortion. actually, it is incredibly difficult to obtain an abortion in large portions of the country. there are fewer and fewer abortion providers and laws in many states require all kinds of hoops to jump through, including sitting through prolife seminars and waiting periods, and who are these people flying women places for abortions? link? something? anything? nah, just an assertion.

The pre-term birth rate, for infants delivered at less than 37 weeks of pregnancy, declined slightly. It had been generally increasing since the early 1980s.

The March of Dimes likes to use this as a call to fundraising. helping babies with birth defects is bad! bad! However, I wonder just how much of it is due to 1) an increase in multiple-baby pregnancies due to the use of “reproductive technologies” sarcastiquotes why? they are indeed reproductive technologies. i think some people don't know what sarcastiquotes are for, exactly. (remember – twins born prematurely are two births, while a singleton born at full term is just one, easily skewing the statistics about “births” i'm not sure that's true when it comes to the data collection on preterm births. i know some studies count multiples as one pre term birth (it is after all, only one pregnancy), and some studies throw out multiples altogether precisely because they are more likely to be born preterm and thus skew the results.), and 2) an increase in obesity, adding complications to a pregnancy that prompt doctors to remove the baby before full term.

see, it's not just mean, ugly feminists Walrus hates, it's BBW's, too. Actually, I looked up the causes of pre term births, and obesity wasn't mentioned at all. Here are the primary causes of pre term births:

When preterm labor starts on its own (as opposed to being induced):
Infection. About 40-50% of all preterm labor can be traced to infection. Many women do not show classic signs of infection, like fevers. One good note here is that with antibiotic treatement for Group B Strep, we have seen a reduction. Other than for Group B Strep, antibiotics usually lead only to antibiotic resistance and not a reduction in preterm labor rates.
Bleeding. This does include placental abruption, where the placenta tears away from the uterine wall too early. It also includes bleeding disorders that may be genetic or acquired. Bleeding of any sort should be reported to your doctor or midwife.

Stretching of the uterus. The stretching or overdistension of the uterus has also been linked to preterm labor and birth. This can be caused by fibroids, multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets, etc.), or even having too much amniotic fluid (polyhydramnios).

About 25% of all preterm births to mothers with one baby are ended early for maternal or fetal well-being. This can be acheived either through induction of labor or by planned cesarean section, depending on the reason for the early arrival and the condition of mom and baby. The American College of Ob/GYNs (ACOG) says that there should not be any induction done prior to 39 weeks without medical reason (often called social induction), because of the increased risks. That leaves 75% of preterm labors as spontaneous. About a quarter of the spontaneous preterm labors are due to premature rupture of membrames (PPROM).

See, no fat chicks. Jackass.

Among the states, Utah continued to have the highest birth rate mormons and Vermont the lowest. not mormons

Which could mean that more people who will grow up in larger families and want larger families themselves – and value marriage – are being raised than people who will be accustomed to, and will be more likely to create, a smaller family, perhaps without marriage. "We'll win through attrition!" Also the premise of Idiocracy.

*Big, Beautiful Women.


  1. "If a woman doesn't have the time or personality or patience to find, attract, and keep a man she is willing to marry (or a man who will at least have sex with her), should she really be a child's only parent?"
    Wow. That's just winderful. Who is this guy again?

  2. I think he's Rush Limbaugh's younger, less-well-known brother, Smush Limbaugh.

  3. "If a woman doesn't have the time or personality or patience to find, attract, and keep a man she is willing to marry (or a man who will at least have sex with her), should she really be a child's only parent?"

    What the hell does ability to find a mate have to do with parenting ability? Some people just aren't any good at getting into relationships (shifty eyes) but that doesn't mean they couldn't be good parents. I mean, I cannot fathom how he could have convinced himself that this makes sense.

  4. Excellent post, as always.

    Playful Walrus wondered if the increase in preterm births was due to multiple-baby pregnancies from IVF. Besides your lovely recounting of the major causes of preterm labor, there’s also the fact that there were about 53,000 babies born in 2007 (1.2% of the 4.3 million total born in 2007, thank you Slacktivist) who were conceived through IVF, of which less than 2% were higher-order multiples, and the preterm birth rate tops 540,000 babies/year. If every one of those high-order multiples was born prematurely, they would only account for 0.2% of all the preterm births in the US last year. And since the rates of preterm birth are dropping, while rates of IVF are rising, I think it’s safe to say that Walrus is talking out of his ass.

  5. i thought you were making up a new word, a sarcastic combo of "windbag" and "wonderful" (those are not sarcastiquotes, btw ;)

    i already hated this guy. this just made it worse. those women, who don't "put for the effort...blahblahblah bullshit"? generally can't find a man who will let them be THEMSELVES, who they are happy with and can live with. but, of course, to fuckers like Walrus here, women don't matter, thier happiness doesn't matter, their very fucking LIVES don't matter, so long as they are bowing to the Patriarcy and pop out lots of babies for Thier Man. Husband. Overlord.
    (heh - i for some reason originally mistyped that as "overlArd", which i think is also totally apropros :D)
    that shit about fat women - i mean, look everyone knows that obesiety interferes with FERTILITY, not having the fucking baby! moron (i'm sorry, i cannot find the study of the studies about this. i mean, it was a study that coalated a bunch of other studies. i will try more to find it. i feel that i was supposed to be trying to find another one for you too, but i can't remember. sigh. finals week is bad)

    Idicoracy actually made me really sad. it was so... possible

  6. Asylum Seeker: why would your ability to fuck a guy in a bar affect your ability to raise children? two different issues, really. in fact, i'm guessing Leigh would be willing to kick the ass of anyone who suggested she isn't a good mother just because she's not into the relationship thing right now. I would help.

    p&r: thank you for the stats. i really didn't think ivf had that much to do with it (octomoms are not the norm), but i do enjoy good data. and, walrus really pissed me off with that one because he jumped right on the "fat chicks kill their babies" explanation, when literally 2 seconds on google got me my information.

    honestly, walrus, you can't google?

    denelian: I forgot that. You are right, being too heavy and being too slim both negatively affect fertility. nature seems to like "just right" in so many situations.


    LOVE IT!

  7. denelian: Overlard! Hee!!
    The only thing that I remember the doctor saying about being overweight when pregnant is that it increases the risk or prenatal diabetis. In some women, not all. And that can make the baby very large, which may make delivery complicated. Not early. Sheesh! Come on Walrus, it's called google!

  8. "If a woman doesn't have the time or personality or patience to find, attract, and keep a man she is willing to marry (or a man who will at least have sex with her), should she really be a child's only parent?"

    Seriously? Being a good parent is dependent upon the ability or desire to get a man? If you say so Walrus.

    When this sea-mammalian-resembling man says things like this, I typically assume he's just being asinine for attention. This is the same guy, after all, who has said "...same-sex couplings have not produced anything for society, except for the spread of disease."

    He's a mean, bitter, angry white male "Christian" who is not in the least bit Christ-like.

  9. i like that we're now judging women on how the men in their lives act. your husband left you for his much younger secretary? man, you must be a fat, ugly bitch! (i'm looking at you, corpse of earl stanley gardner!)

    i love that walrus seems to think that going to the sperm bank is the same as going to a bar and fucking a stranger. apparently, walrus doesn't (a) know how sperm banks work- that is guaranteed high quality sperm, or (b) understand how bars work- more than likely, not high quality sperm.

  10. i think Walrus is just bitter cuz he's a fat, single OverLard :D

    Puns. they help me deal with the pain caused by Fundys.

    can we officially adopt "OverLard"? since it went over so well and all :) and, damnit all, it FITS so well.

    i sometimes wish i could find it in me to be a lesbian. sigh.
    but unlike our blubbery friend Walrus, *I* have a happy stable relationship
    (is that too mean? he really really pisses me off)

    Leigh: good for you. IME, if you have a child you need to be even MORE careful when looking for a guy. i know *I* would certainly rather have been raised in a single-parent home than with my abusive stepfather. or even with both my parents (i tell you, it was The War of The Roses while they were still married...)
    not that you need my approval - i hope you don't take it that way! being a mom is the HARDEST fucking work on the planet. having to mother your children AND your Significant Other? no, no, NO ONE should go through that. not even Leslie Unruh.

    PF: i keep getting porn results when i google "overweight fertility" or "obese fertility" or "overweight pregnancy statistics". i didn't know that was a porn niche (i should have). OSU's library is down until wensday (for spring break, i guess. only Law students can access it right now) but as soon as its back up i will Lexus Nexus that study i was talking about. i wrote a paper about it once (not my choice. the torture of English 111) is that cool?

  11. also, Leigh: (i forgot... i suck)
    my mom is an OB Nurse Practicioner, so i heard EVERYTHING about baby-making at the dinner table.
    about a decade ago, some family friends were TRYING AND TRYING to have a baby. they did EVERYTHING, up to extreme IVF. nothing took.
    my mother finally broke down and told them that K (the woman) needed to lose at least 100 pounds. she was so overweight that her repro equipment was off line - she wasn't ovulating AT ALL. apparantly this is why the IVF failed; they couldn't get any ovum (ovi? its AN ovum, what is the plural?) i know she lost a lot of weight, and they did get pregnant, but she gained it all back.
    i mean, its not like obeisity is a sure-fire BC method, but being very very overweight can drastically interfere. when i wrote the paper for it, the research at the time was saying that the IDEAL weight for conception was supposed to be 15% more than your normal body weight, and this was HUGELY contraversial because A)weight has somehow become this fucking moral issue and the fertility docs were telling women to gain 20 pounds, and B)some doctors apparantly really worried that many women would become REALLY overweight and then lose even MORE fertility.

    but then again, i think the "ideal weights" that are thrown about anymore are total bullshit. i an 5'8". until i was divorced, i weighed right around 130 (which was supposed to be my ideal weight). you could count my ribs. my family doctor (as opposed to every other doctor i saw) kept trying to get me to gain weight, and was very concerned and thought i was anorexic. many of my other doctors kept telling me i needed to lose 5 more pounds. again, i am 5'8". i wore (at that time) a 32FF bra. i was 32:22:33. i was SKINNY. i looked my best at 150. but people keep telling me i should weigh 125. because of the damned fashion industry.

    don't mind me, sorry, i'm ranting. i weigh 180-190 (i can barely walk, because of my hip. of COURSE i weigh more) but less than a year ago i weighed 230. i lost 50 pounds in three months. i was SICK, totally malnourished and dehydrated (seriously. i call it "accute involuntary bulemia", because i was throwing up because of my meds. i didn't WANT to throw up) all my doctors and everyone kept saying "what a good job, keep it up!" while i was throwing up everything that swollowed. our medical system is FUCKED.

    and then assholes like this OverLard Walrus sit there and say that fat women are bad mothers, the implication being that they are bad mother JUST because they are fat and because they are fat can't get a man and if they can't get a man then they are OBVIOUSLY useless, and it makes me rage.

  12. "why would your ability to fuck a guy in a bar affect your ability to raise children?"

    A succinct inversion of walrus-man's bullshit. Well done.

    Our first child was thru IVF, He's 11 now. I have an unhealthy respect and reverence for doctors, nurses and scientists. I have an (unhealthy) respect an reverence for women too, you're all gorgeous. Ow-ooooh!

  13. I have a friend who conceived via IVF and donor sperm- her husband's sperm didn't work at all (side effect of treatment for testicular cancer), so Walrus' call to stop donating at sperm banks was particularly offensive.

    And we are pretty amazing, yes.

  14. Older people are supposed to weigh 15 lbs more, too, to cover them in case they get sick and lose weight.

    I'm 5' 1.5" and weight right around 100 lbs and everyone says I look great. No, I don't. I wear a 32B bra. You can count every rib and every vertabra. My hips and clavicles stick way out.

    This cannot be healthy.

    But hey, when hubby lost 100 lbs in less than 6 months (40 lbs in 6 weeks) because anything he ate came right back up, the doctors kept saying "wonderful!"

    He had MS, that was a symptom and he ended up with permanent nerve damage due to malnutrition. While doctor after doctor congratulated him for losing weight.


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