Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Civil War Is Not Funny

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This whole Glenn Beck "let's start the revolution" bullshit is pissing me off. All these fucking morons calling for secession, fomenting revolution, committing what amounts to sedition and treason- over what?

News flash- you don't have taxation without representation. You have taxation with representation you don't particularly like. Boofuckinghoo. Welcome to the last eight years of my life.

You didn't see me throwing a box of Bigelow into a lake or running for president of Texas. You didn't see me suggesting that we commit treason or start a revolution.

You know why? Because it wouldn't be a revolution. It would be another Civil War. And people died during the American Civil War.

People DIED during the American Civil War.

600,000 people died during the American Civil War.

Those people weren't just soldiers, either. Noncombatants died of illness, injury and disease.

600,000 brothers and sons and fathers and husbands, mothers and sisters and daughters and wives, grandparents, grandchildren, the elderly and children and infants. They all died.

You still think this is a game?


  1. it is a game to them. people they don't know aren't REAL. these are the ultimate narcistic, and they border on solopsism in their narcisism - NO ONE ELSE IS REAL. who CARES if some brown or black or even the wrong kind of white people die?

    i mean, you and i and all the SANE people care. but these fuckers?

    ps. my spell checker quit...

  2. Did you know the first noncombatant to die in the American Civil War was a woman who had the misfortune to have her home in the middle of the battlefield that would be Bull Run/Manassas? A stray musket ball went through her front door and killed her. Not sure why she didn't leave when she saw the troops amassing, but war was still a spectator sport in those days.

  3. It really does seem like a game to them, and that pisses me off. Does Chuck Norris actually think that the federal government would allow Texas to secede without a fight? (They should, but they wouldn't.)

    Frodosaves: I did see that somewhere. And I bet people today would still stick around to see the bombs fall.

  4. And the real kick in the balls is that these are the same people who would accuse you of treason for even disagreeing with Bush. I guess those rules don't apply when you can scream "socialism" over and over again as if it actually meant something.

  5. That drives me nuts, too, and I totally forgot to mention it. If I so much as said that I didn't like Bush, that was treason, but actual treason isn't treason anymore?

  6. No, actual treason is now patriotism.

  7. Whatever the "real patriots" say it is. We'll know who they are because they'll claim to be patriots. It's very convenient that way.

  8. Oh, and I can't say I'm a patriot, because I voted for Obama, which makes me a liberal facist. Got it.

  9. I'm getting a button that says "I vote Democrat because I'm a traitor".

    oh, check out the latest on the efficacy post. fitzy is an asshatting asshat!


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