Monday, March 23, 2009

The First Amendment May Apply to You

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But it certainly doesn't apply to me.

I'm an atheist, you see. And as PZ Myers* pointed out, that makes Richard Dawkins, and me, criminals worthy of investigation by the Oklahoma legislature.

Sure enough, I just received confirmation today in a letter from the Open Records Office at the University of Oklahoma. The letter confirms that on the day of Dawkins' speech, Oklahoma State Representative Rebecca Hamilton requested substantial information relating to the speech from Vice President for Governmental Relations Danny Hilliard. Representative Hamilton's exhaustive request included demands for all e-mails and correspondence relating to the speech; a list of all money paid to Dawkins and the entities, public or private, responsible for this funding; and the total cost to the university, including, among other things, security fees, advertising, and even "faculty time spent promoting this event."

Rick Farmer, the director of committee staff for the Oklahoma House of Representatives, also wrote the University on March 12, requesting confirmation that Dawkins had indeed waived all compensation for the speech.

I wonder what the total cost of investigating a completely legal exercise of free speech will be?

You know what? Fuck it. If every homophobe in the country feels free to bother Vermont legislators on their vote, let's all hound the Oklahoma legislature about this aggregious waste of funds and antiAmerican suppression of free speech.

Oklahoma House of Representatives

Oklahoma Senate

Please, even if you hate Dawkins, even if you hate atheists, please let Oklahoma know that the First Amendment is for everyone, or someday, you may find that it isn't for anyone.

*I have such a crush on this man's brain.


  1. I thought you were smart until I saw the atheist logo.

  2. i forgot about this.

    Query: is OK one of the states where it is illegal for an atheist to hold public office? i know that there are some states that DO have a "religious test" for a person to be elected to office.

    Query: how much would the fundies be screaming if a state government "investigated" one of their own? i mean, look at the fits they throw over us Ohioans not want to PAY A CLOWN (literally!) for teaching abstenece education!

  3. A clown? seriously? a clown? apparently, not even the religious right takes abstinence seriously.

    i forget if OK is one of the states that is not okay with atheist politicians. there are 6 of them, i think.

    oh, and pevensie, i allowed your comment to prove a point- you have the right to say that. i have the right to disagree. you enjoy your right to be stupid and insulting, why shouldn't richard dawkins enjoy his right to say what he pleases?

  4. I wish i got more trolls. All I ever got was Fitz.

  5. I love having trolls! It's so awesome. I don't think I should like it quite this much, but at least I'm happy.

  6. troll farming?

    passing out now lol

  7. btw, rather late, but yeah, there's a clown (with a "bachelors in FUN!") who received a $250,000 grant to teach abstinence only ed here in ohio. he juggled machetes, and said that that was what pre-marital sex was like.

    i think i first saw it at Feministing, or Feministe.

  8. Apparently, I need to take up juggling machetes!


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