Friday, March 20, 2009

Atheist Pride Day


  1. You're pride day is the first day of spring? Awesome! Every year? I didn't even know that atheists had a pride day. Look at the things you can learn.

  2. Wow, I meant to type your pride day. I'm really having a problem with English today!

  3. i didn't even notice the problem until i read it twice!

    i'm not sure this is really a formalized event. it might just be the Out Campaign's thing, but i like a pride day! i mean, gays get parades . . . ;)

    is it the first day of spring? figures that it's cold today in PA, when all week it was pleasant.

  4. Yeah, snow on the first day of spring. Stupid PA, we can't even get the seasons right!

  5. Everyday is my pride day. I'm full of sweet sweet pride, nothing to be humble about here, nope. Anyhow, life is too short to believe in things that are worthless like the 10 Commandments or the stupid Golden Rule of Reciprocacity. Just obey the laws of the land that you're in and use common sense to determine whether you want to do what you want to do.

  6. I like you QF.

    And really, if you need someone to tell you that murder is bad, please don't be my neighbor.

  7. Couldn't I just murder people and then get away with it by sacrificing a virgin or something?

  8. Only if the virgin is a child-abusing priest. Sacrificing the pretty, young women pisses off the fertility gods. (She has those wide hips for a reason, yo!)

  9. *falls over laughing*
    ohohoh! don't sacrifice potential fertile people!
    *laughs more*

    no, i don't know why that made me so giggly. but it did. i need it today :)

  10. Who doesn't love a good fertility festival?


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