Monday, March 30, 2009

The Tolerance Drips Off the Screen

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Seattle became the latest city to allow the new atheist bus ads. Of course, the fundamentalists in this country accepted this news calmly and said, "First Amendment. I enjoy it, so should everyone else."

Back here in reality, they exploded into a frenzy of hate.

Here's a few choice comments that explain exactly why I maintain this blog:

seattleite2121 dusts off that old "you can't be moral without the bible" argument:

I realize that these are the author's words, and not necessarily those of Case, but I quote: "Now, every other month, 40 to 80 people gather to discuss topics such as how to raise children in a secular, moral way." "Now, he identifies himself as an atheist, but more important, he says, as a humanist — someone who believes people are capable of ethical conduct and of reaching their highest potential without relying on religious beliefs." The words "moral" and "ethical" are used here. Both imply an underlying, fundamental "good" or morality. How can atheists believe that anything is moral or ethical (granted, one may make the case that ethical doesn't require a "good," but morality does) if he does not believe in a system of morality? Without a foundational "good," an atheist can claim that anything within the law is good. Another atheist might claim that it's not, but how do the two reconcile their differing opinions? There isn't a solid system of beliefs for them to refer to. That said, I do not understand how atheists can raise kids in a "secular, moral way." For atheists, morality is nonexistent. And if they say otherwise, what is the basis for their morality?

helpfromdad has apparently never read the back of his money, or listened to a republican speak:

An article about bus ads generates theological arguments from both sides, usually about as shallow as a ship on the surface of the Mariana Trench . I just want to know why atheists get to put their philosophies on buses and around town, but Christians are muzzled in public schools, can't use a nativity in the public square, or pro-life groups can't advertise in the same way? And the churches are the "intolerant" ones?

Yes, we're so intolerant, we bought bus ads.

Jeremy8703 is little more succint: i hope you rot in hell atheists

midwestchick seems to be confusing atheists for republicans: Most Americans believe in a higher power no matter what they call it...As far as atheists go...your god is money for the most part so, for those of us that believe in God, take your money and keep your mouth shut!

Well, there you have it. My motivation to blog for the next 50 freakin' years.


  1. I must ask: do you watch Family Guy, and if so, did you see last night's episode? Brian, the dog, comes out as an atheist and experiences persecution. It made me think fondly of you. ;D

  2. Also: "as shallow as a ship on the surface of the Mariana Trench" is probably THE worst simile I have EVER read.

  3. Lastly, it should be, "for those of us WHO believe in God..." I can't stand it when people replace "who" or "whom" with "that." People - even atheists *gasp* - are not inanimate objects. Duh.

  4. I have Family Guy DVR'd. I couldn't watch it last night because my MIL was home, and she just does not get Family Guy.

    I didn't even get that simile. I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean.

  5. Oh yeah. Gotta love the Atheist hate. I wonder if they'll ever think of a plausible way in which 2-10% of the population can effectively be oppressing roughly 70-80%.

  6. On my way into work I pass a billboard that is something about how you can help your marriage by reading the bible (I'm a bit sketchy on it because I pass it at 65 at 7 AM). I also used to pass a "Got Faith" billboard and one for some Catholic adoption org. But yeah, Christians totally don't have any say. Totally.

  7. They fear us because we are efficient- really, really efficient.

    On my way to Ikea about a month ago, I counted 8 roadside triple cross displays, 5 christian billboards and stopped counting bumper stickers on people's cars at 57. Yeah, nobody ever gets to see the christian point of view while driving.

  8. Heinlein used to describe religious freedom in the States thusly: "a mexican standoff, with every group point its gubs at every other group. without this mexican standoff, NO ONE would e allowed to worship as they wish - and even with it, it is almost always open hunting season on jews, Catholics, Mormons, and anyone not-christian. the only safe practice is to rub blue mudd into your belly button just like all your neighbors"

  9. Oh, you mean like when I say "bless you" or "thank god" at work so I don't get fired. Yeah, I'd rub the blue mudd into my belly button, most people would. I like eating.


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