Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm So Damn Fat

Your turn, bitch.


  1. Quit it lardo. /eyeroll

    This from the guy weighing 270lbs

  2. Can we say "projection"?

    On the plus side (pun intended), I'm on townhall.com now.

  3. Hahaha, I see he quoted me too. What a maroon, as Big Bunny would say.
    Apparently the walrus is plenty scared of little old you, or he wouldn't be responding at all.

  4. Notice that he quoted you while making it seem that I said it? I don't mind having your opinion represented as mine in that I respect your opinion, but credit where credit is due, asshat.

    Of course he's afraid of me. I have a vagina, and I know how to use it!

  5. Funny how he equates ability/desire to attract a mate with ability to "get along with" others. And what's equally funny is that people who are sociable and easy to get along with could be terrible parents because, in a similar manner, friendship=/=parenting. There can be some overlap, but, when it comes down to it, you cannot determine whether someone is good at getting along with other based entirely on their ability to get others into bed. And, similarly, their ability to get along with peers is no indicator of their ability to deal with children.

  6. But can you use your vagina as a GPS to find stuff?


    I love Emerald Bile

  7. Asylum: I entirely agree with you. I know people who are wonderful with children and terrible with adults. Because children =/= adults. It's an entirely different thing. Beyond that, your own child is always different from anyone else on the planet.

    Stew: why have I not run into Emerald Bile before? Every day (and I do mean EVERY day) my hubby asks me to help him find something in plain sight. Right there in front of him! Does having dangly genitalia make one incapable of seeing things in plain sight? Yeesh, it's shaped like a dowsing rod, put it to good use!

  8. Geez lose some weight fatty!


  9. I know, just look at the fat dripping off my arm! It's shameful.

  10. aaaaaaaaaand you STILL look like Alice :)

    question: is there a GOOD side effect of porphyria? everyone thinks im like 25 instead of 32. you are also very youthful looking. my aunt and my dad, who both carry the genes for porphyria (but don't have active porphyria) look at LEAST a decade younger than they are. i have seen pics of people who have porphyria, and the date/age given always made me wonder why they were subbing in pics from a younger age.

    but - it may be the one good side affect is looking youthful? maybe that is ALSO part of why a lot of historians and geneticists think that people with porphyria were the base of many vampire myths?

  11. he quoted me too. twice.

    i have never been quoted before. wow.
    too bad it was for THIS. and THEN he strongly inferes that all gay people are evil.

    i took my meds, but i'm going to yell at him first.

  12. i posted a lot there. bet it dissapears
    lack of attribution, to start
    you are quoting from Personal Failure's blog, yes - but at least two of those quotes were from me. and a couple from a few othe writers
    and its kinda hard to not be irritated that you are not properly attribiting them. they were not made in anonymous conditions, except we use screen names. proper journalistic procedures alone should have had you saying who made each of the quotes you used.

    but that aside - did you NOT understand what you quoted by me? when i say that many women do not want to "settle" for a man, i really meant that.
    look, PF and i both have the same disease that will kill is if we attempt pregnancy. and generally before the 5th month, at that - so no way is a theoretical baby from either her or i going to live.
    we are both in long term, loving relationships - she is married, i am engaged.
    should i not marry because i can't bear children? that seems to be an issues those on the RIght have. "Gay Marriage" is wrong because two men cannot have children. neither can i. so should i not get married??

    even MORE, though, God granted me a BRAIN. a brain that finds tensor calculus boringly easy. a brain that tests much too high on IQ tests. a BRAIN I WAS GIVEN TO USE.
    so i WILL NEVER marry a man who wants me to be a stay at home mom. period. i have more important things. because i was given this brain to USE it.
    there are many women who enjoy momhood, enjoy being a SAHM. i will never be one of them.

    when i say that women have problems finding men for long term relationships, the thing i was refering to (you included it in your post, even) was that too many men expect the WOMAN to give up her career. totally. to lose their personhood, in a VERY real respect.
    motherhood is important. motherhood is hard.
    MEN CAN DO THE SAME THING, men are 100% as capable of taking care of a baby once its been born.

  13. 2nd:
    but you are STRONGLY implying that ONLY women should do that. that if a woman cannot find a man "to take care of her" - which means her giving up the entirety of the life she built for herself before him - her job goes, her education no longer applies to anything, because all she can do in this is be a SAHM - if a woman cannot find a man who wants a woman who has a brain and a great job and paycheck and is able to support herself, you say she doesn't "deserve" a baby. unless she was raped. or got drunk. or had BC fail. at which case it goes from "deserve" in the sense of a reward (for giving up everything for the horrible life and ennui of motherhood) to the she "deserves" to be PUNISHED with babies.

    do you see how these are very... diametrically opposed ideals?

    if you REALLY cared about all those children in foster care, or temporary care, or in orphanages or juvinile detention, you would STOP trying to prevent GOOD DECENT HARD WORKING LOVING FAMILIES from rescuing those children. even if its two wives - two wives, two mothers, is still 1000% better than NO parents.

    if you cant see that, you are not really looking for what can be done for these children. where so many of them are, living the STREETS would be better. their lives are HELL, and you are actively trying to keep them there.
    unless - are you adopting? are you going to make up the numbers of foster and adoptive parents lost everywhere gay people lost the right to adopt?

    didn't really think so.

  14. No way that got posted, denelian my dear. You make good points, which is like kryptonite to these people.

    (1) You're right about the "think of the children!" charade. If you were really thinking of the children, you'd be thinking of all the children languishing in foster care, and you'd be thinking that 2 dads and no mom (or vice versa) is infinitely better than no family at all.

    (2) Not every woman is capable of having a child or raising one. I did the SAHM thing with my niece for 6 months. Within 2 weeks I was having very long conversations with telemarketers just to talk to an adult. I LOVE my niece (duh- I raised her, then I gave her back. That's love.), but I could not handle the whole SAHM thing. It's not my nature.

    Why should I spend my life doing a thing that I'm not at all suited for? A thing that I did well, but made me entirely miserable? To please some asshat who has no intention of ever having to that himself? His life is open and free, it's just women he wants to chain down. Ah, patriarchy.

    (3) You do look young, too. Maybe porphyria does do something to the skin, but it's also possible it's just that we don't get sun anymore. Most of what we call aging is really sun damage, and we don't get much sunlight anymore.

    Personally, I think tanning booths shouldn't have a cancer warning, they should have a big sign next to them that says, "This will make you look OLD. Really old." That would stop that.

  15. i was thinking that it was a lack of sun damage... it does make a lot of sense...
    i just want to stop being carded for cigarettes.

    i am pretty sure that none of what i posted wull stay. but i had to try.

  16. i am totally shocked that my comments over at Townhall are still up.
    but NO ONE has replied to them. so i wonder if i am the only one who can see them? i expected AT LEAST one person to drop by and patronizingly tell me how it was still ok for me to get married even if i couldn't have babies but how i should try to have babies anyway even if it killed me because i would then be a martyr. or something.


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