Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Hope You Starve in an Alley

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Rush Limbaugh, a uneducated, thrice divorced, narcotic-abusing shock jock, is the head of the GOP. I called this months ago, and everyone I knew made fun of me. Well, now I've got proof. For anyone who's been living in a cave for the last few days, the media called Rush the "de facto leader of the Republican Party." Michael Steele, Chairman of the GOP, reacted rather strongly to that, as he is at least a leader of the GOP. He also called Rush on his on air antics, labeling them "incendiary" and "ugly".

Well, of course a Republican foray into the real world couldn't be allowed. Michael Steele was forced to apologize to Rush Limbaugh.

"I respect Rush Limbaugh, he is a national conservative leader, and in no way do I want to diminish his voice," Steele said in a statement late Monday. "I'm sure that he and I will agree most of the time, but will probably disagree some as well, which is fine."

What is wrong with Republicans? Really, I just don't get it. Rush Limbaugh wants Obama to fail. Oh, he's backed off a little bit and said that he wants Obama's policies to fail. There is no effective difference between Obama failing and Obama's policies failing, so that's just rather silly semantic tapdancing.

Truth is, if Obama, or his policies, fail, people will suffer. Rush is gleefully anticipating the suffering of millions. Many of those millions will be children. Right now, people are losing their homes. Right now, people are going hungry. A lot of those people are children.

I know you know at least one child, even if you don't have any of your own. Imagine looking into the eyes of a child you know and saying, "I hope you starve in an alley."

What kind of monster would that make you? That's exactly the kind of monster Rush Limbaugh is. It's exactly the kind of monster that now leads the GOP.

Think about that the next time you're in a voting booth.


  1. SING IT!!!

    people NEED to hear this! they need to connect the vile the GOP - and Rush Fucking Limbaugh - spew DAILY with the real world. this shit affects people - AMERICAN people too - and yes i am SO an American.


    "why won't anyone think of the CHILDREN"


  2. I cannot imagine hoping that people, real people, like you and me, suffer for the sake of my being right. That's . . . indescribable. Who thinks that way? Oh, right . . .

    Come to think of it, it's actually rather christian. After all, those fundys on Rapture Ready are always talking about how we'll be proven wrong when the rapture happens. At which point we will suffer eternal torment. Nice.

  3. and its another of those views i just DO NOT GET.

    i mean, "Christian" means loving your neighbor. so you want the people you love to suffer eternal torment? is that *loving*


    they make my soul hurt, they really do.

    (hey, *I* am not an atheist, i can believe in a soul, i'm allowed :D
    my dad and i fight about it, because he doesn't believe in souls.
    soul, spirit, conscience... it makes my sense of self hurt? it makes my brain waves hurt?
    soul just sounds better.
    and, my boyfriend is black, so there's the punny aspect, too)

    sorry. done :)
    hope i made you laugh at my silly randomness

  4. Please don't draw me into a discussion that will make me look bad in front of the other atheists!

    I have no evidence of a soul, no proof, no reason to believe in a soul, but I think people have them, and animals, too. My dog, certainly.

    I can say that the study of the brain and the mind has proven that the whole (the mind) is much greater than the sum of its parts (brain and CNS). Perhaps that is what I am trying to describe with the world "soul".

    I don't know.

    I don't believe in an afterlife, however.

  5. oh...

    sorry. i won't tell if you won't.......

  6. what about between life?

    we can actually have reincarnation without a god or gods causing it, if we assume that A)there is some eternal essence of an individual (a "soul" to use an accepted term) and B)that those souls will strive to live. to be sucked into the lungs of a newborn at first breath, or whatever (i have no clue when ensouling would happen, at all, that was just a guess)

    so, hey, a little religion for you, with no gods and NO priests and no extranious bullshite (of course there was some bullshite - i can't prove a soul, and it all hinges on the soul. i just got the impression i depressed you, and am trying to undepress you :)

  7. no, it doesn't depress me. you're using the jewish definition of life, btw. under jewish law, life doesn't begin until breathing begins. i don't know where xtians got life begins at conception.

    i can't conceive of not being. no one can. it's impossible. therefore, it doesn't frighten me. also, i have another 30 or so years of constant agony to look forward to, so forever isn't really a concept i can get behind. it's not depression, it's just chronic pain. it changes you.

    actually, i forget who did it, but there was an interesting article about how people who are facing death very shortly tend to convert or rediscover xtianity, but those with chronic illnesses lose their xtianity. makes sense, really. you can only ask "god, why have you forsaken me?" so many times before you realize yhwh's not going to answer. either he's not there, or he doesn't care, but either way, why waste time on it?


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