Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things That Make Me Stabby

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Every now and then, I only need to see a title to know it's going to make me all stabby.

From the Rapture Ready message boards, we have this:

CakeDecorator: What are Liberals? What do they believe in?

(1) it would be helpful to not ask a roomful of ultraconservatives that question.

(2) liberalism is not a religion. we don't "believe in" things.

Sorry, I just need some light into this. I was listening to Rush Limbaugh oh dear. the other day and he was talking about how many people that voted for Obama "don't get" what being a liberal is i can tell you right now Rush doesn't "get" what a liberal is, nor what rational thought is, or reasoned debate, or compassion or human decency, i could go on and what it means.I didn't vote for Obama but am wondering, what is it exactly that Liberals believe in? Othern than being in pro of abortions and gay marriages and such, what else can you tell me? sigh. that's right. that's all liberals are about.

Sari gives an illuminating response: ...everything opposite of what we beleive "i" before "e", except after "c" and words that rhyme with "neighbor" and "weigh". and no, i am NOT prorape, prochild molestation, procrime, etc.

A MattR of Time suggests something truly horrifying: Liberals believe in liberalism. that's like telling a visitor from mars that christians follow the teachings of christ. great, who was christ? Their god is liberalism headdesk and a nanny state government. WIC and healthcare for all is Teh Evul! I suggest you read the book "Godless" by Ann Coulter. i suggest you rip our your eyeballs with your bare hands before you read that.

I doubt that Bryan4Christ is a real, rapture-believing Christian: Liberal is a subjective term. By some of the standards held by people here, I would be classified as a "liberal" despite the fact that I am a right-leaning centrist by my own definition/admission. If someone doesn't agree with you (and by you I mean anyone in general, not specific to anyone in this thread), if you call yourself a conservative then they are a liberal and if you are a liberal, they are a conservative.There are clearly threads/ideas that resonate within liberal circles just as there are with conservative circles but labeling one person based on a single stance is dangerous. One person could oppose abortion yet support a socalist agenda.

But if all people saw were the socalist agenda, that person could be a "liberal" despite the fact that said person could be a Born Again Christian and lives a personal life that reflects the virtues Christians are told to uphold within the Bible.

Democrat does not mean Liberal and Republican does not mean Conservative. People are too busy throwing labels around and trying to classify people due to their own insecurities, shortcomings or paranoia and the problem falls on both sides of the divide.

Most Americans are not Conservative nor Liberal, they are centrists who lean in a particular direction. Unfortunately all we, as average people, are subjected to are what the media companies throw in our face versus what actually is reality.

so true, Bryan

Ron4Jesus brings the board back to earth: They are the stupid of the country who believe the professors in the Universities to hate America. wait, who's stupid again?They are usually anti-GOD and Pro-abortion and Pro Gay and anything that feels good at the moment. abortions feel good? They are the dumb of the dumb. the what? The dumb and dumber !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! flagrant exclamation point abuse. They also believe in evolution that every thing exploded and everything is the way it is because of it. lulz You and I came from the sea and eventually grew arms and legs and became man and woman. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA In other words they don't believe in a GOD. This is what we have running our country today. The usurper President who is Muslim his name sounds like bin Laden's! is destroying our country and the dumb put him in office the majority dumb, don't forget and now he is tired because he likes to party. what? This has to be the dumbest leaders we ever had in office. my dog is smarter than W. I could go on and on but I am getting sick to my stomach. well, thank you for that.

Well, we're no closer to what liberals actually are, but at least we've established what they are not.


  1. I think Brian isn't long for the RR boards, he sounds much too rational.
    Why do these people say that liberalism is a god? That... well that makes no sense at all. It's something that has always bothered me.

  2. I like to tell people like that that Jesus was a hippie and watch them froth at the mouth. Silly me, thinking he meant all that stuff about loving one's enemy and turning the other cheek.

  3. I think they must be defining "Liberal" as "anyone who is not one of us"; i.e. a definition of exclusion. And I agree that that Brian guy's days are numbered.

  4. That must be the definition they're using. As not-long-for-the-RR-boards Brian pointed out, "conservative" and "liberal" are really just comparatives. Heck, Mussolini was liberal- in comparison to Hitler.

  5. And don't make the mistake that non-liberals are all religious zealots that hate the poor. Some of the "true" conservatives argue rationally from an economic point of view with the highest priority given to individual freedom. I wish particular issues could be talked about instead of using divisive terms like "liberal" and "conservative". The problem, however, is that people don't watch boring policy debates. They would rather watch the token left-winger and the token right-winger revert to emotionally charged buzzwords that add nothing constructive to the discussion. The line between entertainment and news is quite blurry these days, much to our detriment.

  6. That's very true, ZJ. "Conservative" shouldn't have any more negative connotation than "liberal" should. Reasonably, a person could be socially liberal and fiscally conservative, socially conservative and fiscally liberal, or anywhere inbetween. In fact, I imagine plenty of people are, we just don't hear from them.

  7. Lol, I was found out via Google and banned. :) I saw this site (already indexed in Google) and had to give a shout out as I am in fact the real Bryan4Christ aka AuroraMike from FSTDT.

    My points and dicussion in this thread were sincere however. I wasn't trying to stir the pot nor rain on anyone's parade. I was hoping to have a true legitimate conversation when I was banned, this time permanently. Oh well. :) Life moves on.

  8. Mike! I was prepared to sneak onto RR and offer you a cookie!

    They rejected me. Can't imagine why.

    That was really an amazingly cogent response to the question, and your later posts were equally amazing. I greatly enjoyed them.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I have a text version saved of my replies and some of the questions asked of me in quotes. Not that it's a particular interesting read but by all means ask and I can post it/upload it as an example of fundie madness.

  10. Please do! Actually, I'm thinking of having guest posting on the weekends, because I just don't get to posting on weekends. (So many video games, so little time.) Let me know if you're interested.


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