Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Dangers of Comfort

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I have recently seen two examples of the danger of Ray Comfort and his antiatheist propaganda.

From a Comfort post unironically titled Atheist Pope, we get this comment from Its ALL About JESUS!!! (one grammatical error, two random capitalizations, and one instance exclamation point abuse in the screen name alone):

Dear 'Atheist Pope', I really got a good laugh when you said "you are aware that us atheists are generally more compassionate than Christians "

Sorry, I don't buy it. I've had too much experience with atheists in life and seen the death, and destruction they bring.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about atheists who KILL unborn babies, start bloody wars, ignore the starving, and take advantage of the poor.

I see disrespectful people who slander good Christian people, and run God's Holy Bible thru the mud. Your hearts are corrupt, and there is nothing good in you. You put on a good pretense but the core of your group is deceitful, hateful, and you are jealous of God's people. Turn away from your sins while you still can atheist!

Jesus Christ is the answer to your eternal salvation, not a curse word on your lips. Praying for you!

Psalm 14

For the director of music.

Of David.

1 The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.

Can you feel it? The hate, just dripping off your screen? He despises me, and maybe you, and every other atheist/nonchristian on the planet. Hates us. With a white hot fury. And Ray just eggs him on. This asshat doesn't know me, or you, or any other atheist, for that matter, but he doesn't have to, does he? He can just go to Ray for confirmation of his hatred of people who dance only in Ray Comfort's mind*.

This may not seem so bad to you, this faceless screen name hating complete strangers, but it leads to what happened to PZ Meyers recently.

First, PZ gets this charming email:

I saw your criticism of Ray Comfort on I believe exactly as Ray Comfort believes and when you call him an idiot and stupid, you're calling me an idiot and stupid.

I'd like nothing more than to break every tooth out of your head, one by one; then poke your fucking eyeballs out and shove them straight-up your tightly-puckered asshole.

Go fuck yourself, pinhead jerk.

James M. BakerIndianapolis, Indiana

Well, that's just . . . rude. It didn't stop there, however.

[James Baker] has sent me a few other emails (which I just trashed on sight), and now someone at the IP address (which traces back to Shelbyville…Hi, Jim!) has attempted to subscribe me to a large body of gay and fetish porn. Who knew there were sites dedicated to just pictures of young boys' feet?

You know as well as I do that for some people it's no great distance from threatening emails and (attempted) abusive porning to a real life violent act. And Ray Comfort just eggs them on. To Ray Comfort, this is all fun and games.

Lecture me some more about morality, Ray.

*hat tip to Fannie!


  1. Its ALL About JESUS!!! is a well known crazy at Ray's.

    he's called Terry Burton.

    Check out all his blogs on his blogger profile page. We have a theory that he is approaching an event horizon due to the weight of stupid on his blogs. It is theorized that when the amount of stupid reaches tipping point we will be able to hold open wormholes in space, powered by fundamental stupid.

    Terry had a bit of a breakdown, live on Ray's blog last year. he wen mad on sock puppetry and the last straw came when ray banned him. he then removed all Way of The Master content from his gazillion blogs and changed his blogger name to something bitter (I can't remember).

    Anyway, he must be off his meds again because he's back, with a new name, but the same random caps, non sequiter posts and has obviously kissed and made up with Ray.

    You lust come join us at (if you haven't already)
    It's like a support group for people who are driven to distraction by the stupidity/lies of the bananman.

  2. I do indeed lust to join you!

    I am SO SORRY I missed a live Burton meltdown. I always miss the good stuff.

  3. why will it never send me my activation email? i've tried twice now.

  4. I've notified one of the admins

    I must admit I don't remember any activation email, maybe it's a new registration thing

  5. Hi PF - Stew's asked me to look into why you're not getting an activation email for SMRT. Hopefully we'll have this fixed for you shortly...

  6. Thank you so much! I tried to register about a month ago, never got an email, felt kind of rejected and slinked off.

  7. Hi PF...

    I couldn't find any indication that you'd tried to register at SMRT. Can you do me a favor? Email me your email address (I wont share it with anyone), and I'll use it to manually create your account. My address is Any email address will work, so if you're concerned with security, create a temp hotmail or gmail acct, and we'll use that one.

    The only thing I can possibly think of is the obvious: the SMRT registration email got filtered into your Junkmail folder, etc.

  8. I'll do it from work tomorrow. I do check my junk mail folder regularly, but it's possible. (The IT people have the junk mail filter set so high, clients' emails regularly end up there. It's obnoxious.)



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