Friday, March 20, 2009

Transcript of the first Voice of the Nation

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In case you missed it (and I certainly hope you did), here is a reaction transcript of Drew and Angie talking homophobia. It will probably work best if you read along as you listen to the stupidity, but feel free to try it without. (It gets VERY interesting down at the end, if you feel like skipping ahead.)

Um, um, um, um, um

Angie’s protecting my freedom? Really? Because she seems to want to take it away. Funny how people who talk about freedom the most are the ones who like freedom the least.


Um, um, um, um, um,

Kind of

Um, um, um, um,

Gay marriage is the fight of the century? Seriously? We’re in an economic meltdown the likes of which was last seen during the great depression and her homophobia is the fight of the century?


Um, um, um


Uh, um, um, um

You know, I guess

Ah, ah, um, uh, um, kinda, um, uh

California, Iowa, Minnesota

Um, um, uh, ah, um, um

Voters voted for it.

Vermont, Minnesota

Um, um, um, uh, ah, um

Florida gay adoption battle

debunked studies, misunderstandings of difference between sex and gender (for the last time people, sex is what genitalia you are born with, gender refers to societal expectations based on those genitalia.)

Democrats suck!

Um, ah, um, um, uh, ah

More debunked studies, plugging UFI, asskissing between UFI and DNA

MSM, think of the children!, gender, science- it's science!

um, uh, um, uh

back to Vermont

one man and one woman

um, um, uh, ah, um, um, ah

Laura Knaperek, works at UFI, is the "inaugural guest", is a conservative's conservative who knows how to "bring it".

The UN rules the world! Run, it's Ban Ki-Moon!

Laura is both easily excited and easily impressed.

UFI's history: Women who hate feminists started UFI in 1978 to protest to the UN, hence becoming, well, a certain kind of female activists, which could be referred to . . . I think you can see where I'm going with this. They're certainly not at home, raising children and baking pies.

And then, Angie rather obliquely replies to me. She asks Laura why protesting nonbinding UN resolutions is so very important. See, I had a post in response to a post of hers that pointed out that the UN does not rule the world. So, Angie's question is aimed at me. The answer she gets is . . . interesting.

Basically, Laura states that sovereign nations create laws based on UN nonbinding resolutions. Laura's being disingenuous here. Every member nation of the UN is free to sign or not sign nonbinding resolutions. Even when they are ratified, they are, as the name implies, nonbinding. The fact of the matter is, a nation that signs a UN resolution is doing so because they already have, or intend to have, similar laws in their own country. A country entirely opposed to such a law would not sign the resolution. I suppose the argument could be made that if many countries have a certain law- say decriminalizing homosexuality- other countries might be peer pressured into creating a similar law, however, that seems unlikely. I highly doubt Iran is going to be peer pressured into being nice to gays.*

Also, using this same logic, we can see that ideas are dangerous, in that we make laws out of them!

Reproductive health services are BAD!BAD!BAD! Poor women around the world should NOT be allowed pap smears and birth control.

Gender stereotypes are good!

To these asshats, abstinence is HIV prevention. Of course, if your husband comes to the marriage with HIV, abstinence isn't really going to help you. Oh, and condoms=promiscuous sex. Who knew?

Laura is now arguing that homosexuals should not have human rights, and should be subject to the death penalty. Charming.

Now Drew tries to back away from that, stating that UFI does think homosexuals should have human rights, but shouldn't be recognized by the UN. That's the ticket. And not at all what Laura said.

Laura doesn't even try to agree with him. Drew gets uncomfortable. Angie agrees with Laura. Nobody likes Obama.

What can you do to help UFI? Go to the website, give them money, money, money, do what they tell you, bother your congressman, blog.

Kiss butt, kiss butt, see you next week.

*When you find yourself on the same page as Iran when it comes to human rights, you took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. A really wrong turn.


  1. i TRIED to listen to this.
    i got about 2 minutes in, and had to stop.

    consequently, i am sorta lost on part of it. but i just couldn't listen!

  2. Well, gods bless you for that! It was painful.

    My suggestion to anyone speaking in public to prevent the "ums" is watch the news, or a talk show. You'll notice that the pros speak slowly and deliberately- this gives their brains a chance to catch up to their mouths, and you don't get the "ums" and "ahs" so much.

    I'm actually excellent at public speaking, but I have a voice made for blogging.


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