Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rainbow Reclamation

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Asshats in the traditional marriage "it's not marriage unless you're hetero and obeying gender stereotypes" bigotsphere keep trying to "take back" symbols from the LGBT community, specifically, in this instance*, rainbows.

I suppose you might want some explanation as to why your Ironymeter(tm) just imploded, leaving a small, unstable black hole hovering one inch above your desk. (Don't worry, Ironymeter(tm) tech support has a solution for that, but your desk will never be quite the same again.)

Rainbows naturally represent diversity, as they contain every color in the visible light spectrum. (Actually, they probably contain colours outside of the spectrum we can perceive, but obviously I wouldn't know about that.) The reason you now share desk space with a small, unstable black hole is that it is the height of irony- irony too powerful to be entirely contained in this universe- for a group of people that want everyone to be exactly the same to try and use the rainbow as their symbol.

Symbol fail.

I suggest asshats such as these adopt a more appropriate symbol for their cause: specifically a black square. It would be honest, informative and as ugly as their viewpoint.

*I would invite anyone with a basic knowledge of science to instruct dear Yours, Sincerely on the multitude of science fails contained within the initial two paragraphs. Do avoid being rude, please. Try to invoke Steven J's patience in explaining basic evolutionary theory to Ray Comfort ad nauseum.


  1. Ummm, I think my brain just broke. I couldn't even make it through that whole post of his because the first part of it was filled with so much stupid I was afraid I'd have a stroke. 1 + 1= 7 indeed. Arg!!
    And you can't steal the rainbow. You can't steal a symbol of equality and beauty, the whole point of the gay rights movement, and use it for those "traditional" marriage bigots!
    Man this has gotten me all mad.

  2. I know! Honestly, water+light =/= rainbow. It would be something like water x light or water/light. Hello, google!

    Plus, attempting to coopt someone else's symbol is just bad form. Come up with one of your own.

  3. There aren't 7 colours in a rainbow, or rather, there are a heck of a lot more than 7. ther is a spectrum of colour. plus, as you mentioned, all the IR and UV at either end.

    The guys blog is full of bad maths analogy.

    The link to Digital network Army is scary coz it shows a whole host of stupid is out there.

  4. Teh stoopid, it burnz!

    I can't decide what bothers me more about these people, their bigotry or their general (and very easily fixable) ignorance.

    Hey, if you're blogging, you have access to google. Why aren't you using it? is what I'd comment if I could.

  5. That other blog was made of the retarded.

    Can I point out that breathable oxygen is made of two oxygen atoms. Without two of the same thing Oxygen will bond to other elements and not be breathable. I.E. H2O
    This proves that gay marriage is okay by God or else he wouldn't have made O2.

    See I can make a stupid point by ignoring lots of other factors too.

  6. Actually, I think you just proved polygamy is okay by god. Which it is, in the bible.

  7. Please PF, do we really have to insult black squares? Couldn't it be a dull gray circle?

  8. You have a point. I picked the square, because of the "in the box" expression, but dull grey would probably be better than black.

  9. no, they should have one of those toys - the ones where you have the different shapes and are supposed to match them; ie the square goes into the square hole, the circle into the circle hole, the star into the star hole - except that they should have all the wrong pegs in the holes - the star should be in the triangle hole, the triangle in the square hole, etc.

  10. ROFLMFAO!! As good a metaphor for forcing homosexuals into hetero marriages as I've ever heard!

  11. I think a dull gray circle with the word "Assimilate" right below it would be perfect. As for the relevant post, all I could think was "rainbows=serious business". It's just refracted light, for fuck's sake, and the relevant part is the spectrum of colors (like you mentioned) and not the homogeneity/heterogeneity of the things that bring it about.

    But, I guess we can be relieved that the crux of the argument didn't have to do with the evil gays stealing the symbolic rainbow that Christians rightly own, due to it being mentioned in the Bible. I have actually seen that argument, and it makes the eyes bleed.

  12. I got it! A picture of Captain Picard as a Borg, with the words "Resistance is Futile" underneath it.

    I might have been more amused by "stop stealing god's rainbow" than I was by "1+1=7".
    THERE ARE MORE THAN 7 COLORS! And I don't care how you do the fucking math, 1+1 does not ever equal seven.

  13. Wait a minute, these people argue that the evil gay stole the rainbow from God? Well that's just fantastic! I had no idea the whole thing could get dumber, but there it is. Wow.

  14. There is absolutely no limit to how dumb you can get, apparently.

  15. I call shenanigans. Just because we can't measure it doesn't mean we can't describe it. Surely we're all smart enough to at least craft a formula for the lower limit of stupidity (or maybe I mean upper limit.) Who wants to try first?

  16. PF,

    First things first, great blog.

    Back to the topic,

    Have you seen Dimitri Martin's skit where he's talking about wanting to wear a rainbow t-shirt...but he's not gay so he had to write "not gay" underneath the rainbow...

    ...but he's not against gays, so he has to write "but supportive" underneath that...

    ... he concludes by saying that he thinks it's kind of strange that one group got to steal refracted light; "that's pretty greedy, gays!"

    I tried to tell the joke to German guy in leather at the Amsterdam Pride Parade - I don't think he knew what I was talking about...

  17. LOL! I spit put my tea on a regular basis when watching Important Things.

    I like the one where he's explaining how to make words more powerful.

    "I hate you"- Powerful
    Remove the "h"
    "I ate you"- way more powerful.

  18. ExPatMatt

    NO FAIR!!! i am lazy, you must LINK!!

  19. I honestly believe that this was a failed attempt to jumpstart a topic that was already addressed some time ago. Originally written by mpresiv. It actually appears under this search in the Google Search engine. Ironically, the same title...?


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