Monday, March 16, 2009

I Have a Headache

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and this guy is pissing me off.

Trust me, it's never worth it to read an entire post by The Playful Walrus, so I'll just give you the first paragraph. (Feel free to click the link, but don't come back here complaining that I didn't warn you.)

What if you were a California voter who had an earned degree from the University of California Los Angeles – a state institution – and someone else who did not attend the university nor did the coursework insisted that spending his time sunning himself on the beach was just as valid use of his time, and demanded he also be awarded the same degree from UCLA?

This is a false analogy. Same sex couples didn't just wake up one day and call themselves married. At the time they were married, California law allowed them to marry legally.

Try again.



  1. So I was reading Accidental Historian, as I always do, often posting as Anonymous. That got me bummed. Then I clicked over to your blog, read some stuff, laughed my ass off. then I clicked over onto The Lord's Beautiful Things, and this Walrus character, and I'm bleeding from my eyeballs. The end.

  2. dude, sorry about your eyeballs. i should post a warning or something.

  3. I had to stop reading the Walrus's articles, they're too ignorant, asinine, and hostile. But you can always count on the Opine and DNA gang to come along and masturbate his "wit."

    Comparing marriage to a college degree is idiotic. One EARNS a college degree through hard work, so of course graduates would be angry if other people received a degree without EARNING it. Heterosexuals don't "earn" a marriage license through hard work and same-sex couples are not denied marriage licenses because they're slackers. It is a privilege that the government bestows upon classes of people regardless of whether they "earn" it or not.

  4. I honestly think he is pissed that people will no longer be able to confirm his heterosexuality just be looking at the ring on his finger.

  5. I posted to his blog. I'm sure I'll be roundly insulted, but hey. If I cared what theists think I'd pretend to be one.

  6. Please do! Repeatedly. Until he bans you. Which is mostly my goal. He referred to a 45 and a 50 year old gay couple as "grandpas" adopting their first baby. My mother had her last child at 45, and I'm sure they would find nothing wrong with that.

    Besides, 45 is a little young for grandparenthood these days.

    Unless you're mormon, which i'm pretty sure the opiners are.

  7. Sweet! I win the atheist treasure hunt!

    Sorry, I don't mean to make fun of mormons, but they do breed young and often.

  8. You should stop back by that blog post and see how pathetic the poor idiot I'm "arguing" with is. I use quotations since to call this an argument would be like calling basic addition calculus.

  9. i know i emailed you (well, responded to your email to me about this)

    but i say it again

    relationships are HARD FUCKING WORK. and they are ten TIMES harder when they are OUTSIDE social norms! when it seems like most of the goddamned world wants to burn you for loving someone (i get this to a lesser extent. i am hetero, but i *appear* to be white [i am Cherokee, damnit!] dating a black guy. soon to be married) every little fucking thing is now a mountain.

    if you believe in God, God/des(es) MADE THEM GAY you fucking moron.

    if you don't believe in God/des(es), i suggest you look at mammals. up to 10% of mammals are gay. there are ALWAYS gay mammals present in any mammalian population.

    ignorant. morons.

    PF: i totally <3 you for taking these haters on. i try, but you are much better at it than i am, and do it more consistantly. i want to grow up to be just like you, only i want to keep my pagan-sparklie-sacraficial fun (no, really. after one of those emails, when you seemed sad, i sacraficed a good hour of my favorite sparklie candle and two sticks of my favorite incense for you :) i know you don't believe, but it never hurts, right? i mean, i was ALREADY doing worship and meditation, it was really really easy to add you, and it might help)
    of course, you're only around a year older than me i think. you are 33, right? i am 32.
    if we were the same age, i would say we must be long lost twins (the porphyria, ya know). but i really do wonder if we are related :) porphyria is really rare, and i get it from my dad's side, and my dad is the one with the European ancestry (and the athiesm!)

    ok, ok, i am just being wishful. also, i have been cramming like a mo-fo, and so in consequence am being a little silly :)
    but there was still an hour of my favorite glitterie red candle for you! (i like to make candles, what can i say?)

  10. (i did it all for the cookie, c'mon, the cookie, the cookie!
    too bad Limp Biskit mistranslated that from the original Fae!

  11. Well, hubby's 1/16 NA (Cherokee, I think), so maybe you are a long-lost inlaw! Which would be made of win! (Oh, yeah, and he just mentioned this to me yesterday. After 11 years.)

    Feel free to light glittery candles for me. It couldn't hurt, and in such endeavors, it is the thought that counts. It's sort of like a long-distance, sparkly hug.

  12. damnit, now i can't find the argument!

  13. *long sitance, sparklie hug"

    oh, indeed :)

    its possible that we might be. which tribe/area is he from, does he know? that would also be awesome :)

    or...... i could cast a magic spell and make us blood sisters! which is like blood brothers only you don't prick your finger because C'MON we're women we ALREADY bleed

    hahaha. don't mind me. i can't remember the difference between Constant and Hobbes and Ardnt, and i have this HUGE final on it all tomorrow (seriously, we covered over 40 political writers, over 60 readings, and we essential have to have EVER minimium 20-page document memorized to even have a snowman's chance in hell of passing the fucker)

    i was going to read more, but my pain meds are low (there is a WORLD-WIDE shortage of oxycodone. WORLD FUCKING WIDE. every pharmacy around columbus is back ordered over SIX MONTHS. so i only got 80, the LAST 80 within a 50 mile radius. but i take 4 a day, at minimum. i normally get 150. so... i'm on half doses. which means i HURT ANDANDAND i am fucking going through withdrawl. during finals

    i feel like i told you this already... sorry if i am being repetitive. i need hot water now (my heating pad disappeared. roomates g/f is pregnant. how much you want to bet SHE fucking has it? grrr. so, going to give up and take my sleep meds, so i can hurt LESS anyway. g'night. enjoy the Sparklie-Good Thoughts!(tm)

  14. Oh my Salvador Dali, I feel for you. If it were legal, I would mail you some of mine! Have SO been there. Doc won't give me oxycontin due to another doctor being arrested for giving out "too much" narcotics (I saw the complaint, it was a whole lotta "he said that she said that he migh have" bullshit), and i only get enough vicodin for the daytime. that means that if the pain wakes me up in the middle of the night, which it frequently does, i'm not only in pain, i'm deep in withdrawal.

    i hate that feeling. in fact, i fear that feeling.

    as to our possibly being inlaws (which would be SO cool) I have to ask hubby's mom. i don't see her during the week though we live together, because she works 3-11 and i work 9-5. she would know, i'm sure.

    if not, can we be bloodless bloodsisters? (i've bled enough this week. honestly, you'd think i popped an artery.) can that happen long distance? can i tell people i'm native american? (trust me, people would find that confusing.)


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